Fruit Ninja Kinect

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Avatar Awards

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding Avatar Award:

    Fruit Ninja T-shirt: Equip an item in Sensei's Swag.
    Kung Fu Pants: Successfully complete three multiplayer games.
    Kung Fu Sensei T-shirt: Successfully complete five games in Classic, Zen, or Arcade mode.


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Classy Ninja (10 points): Get a score of over 250 in CLASSIC.
    Triple Stack (10 points): Get all three powerups at once in ARCADE.
    Arcade Action (10 points): Get a score of over 500 in ARCADE.
    Edumacated (20 points): Read a fact about every type of fruit in the game.
    Moment of Zen (10 points): Get a score over 200 in ZEN.
    BLITZIN! (10 points): Score a Super Combo Blitz in ARCADE.
    Winning! (10 points): Beat a friend on the Weekly Leaderboards.
    Strength, Power, Agility (20 points): Slice an 8 fruit combo or higher.
    Windmill (10 points): Get four Combos during one Frenzy in ARCADE.
    Swagtacular (20 points): Unlock 10 items in Sensei's Swag.
    Fruit Annihilation (30 points): Slice 10,000 fruit.
    Enter the Dragon (40 points): Slice the secret fruit.

The following achievements require the "Storm Season" bonus downloadable content:

    Weather the Storm (20 points): Slice and dice 2 pomegranates in one game with the Lightning Bolt equipped.
    Sunshine on a Rainy Day (10 points): Get 20 critical hits in CLASSIC with the Rain Man equipped.
    Storm the Castle (20 points): Score 75 points in the first 30 seconds of ZEN with the Storm Castle equipped.

The following achievements require the "Space Capsule" bonus downloadable content:

    Lightspeed (10 points): Score 20 Combo Blitzes in ARCADE with the Star Chart equipped.
    Meteor Shower (20 points): Slice the pomegranate 40 times with The Comet equipped.
    Star Hopping (20 points): Get 80 combos in ZEN with the Stellar Shadow equipped.

The following achievements require the "Art Box" bonus downloadable content:

    Dripping with Power (10 points): Slice 30 bananas in ARCADE with the Ink Shadow equipped.
    I Want to Paint it Black (20 points): Slice 100 red apples in CLASSIC with the Calligraphy Brush equipped.
    Masterpiece (20 points): Slice a 10 fruit combo with the Calligraphy Brush, Parchment and Ink Shadow equipped.
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