Gel: Set And Match

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Studious (10 points): Study the basics.
    Birdie (15 points): Stay under par, like the pros do.
    Dexterous (5 points): Demonstrate your chain skill in Action mode!
    Completionist (25 points): Leave no puzzle unsolved!
    Cooperative (15 points): Put your friends to work too!
    Perfectionist (25 points): You can do better than just finishing those puzzles!
    Good Citizen (10 points): In multiplayer settings, it pays to be civil.
    Competitive (20 points): Rise in the ranks!
    Frugal (20 points): Keep your stars for later. Be thrifty!
    Gel-Raiser (10 points): Head online, and take off the gloves!
    Fashionista (25 points): Stay tuned to the Item Shop year-round for new couture!
    Collector (20 points): Collect all the costumes!
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