Geon: Emotions

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Comeback Kid (10 points): Come back and win a game from 3 goals behind.
    Completist Freak (10 points): Get 100% in time attack mode.
    Use Your Emotion (10 points): Win at least once with each emotion.
    Hazardous Creation (10 points): Create a hazard by using a mega-ball.
    You're a Winner (15 points): Win 5 ranked matches in a row.
    Geon King (15 points): Score 5,000,000 points to be a geon king!
    I've Got The Power (15 points): Use all powerballs on your side of the map in a single match.
    Getting Out More (15 points): Play on Xbox LIVE at least once.
    Don't Need No Powerballs (25 points): Win without using a powerball, but you can still pick them up.
    Gimme Gimme World domination (25 points): Win 50 Xbox LIVE games.
    Mini-Game Master (25 points): Complete all 8 mini-games.
    Variety is The Spice of Life (25 points): Win at least once in all game modes, including Xbox LIVE.
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