Go! Go! Break Steady

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    All City Champ (20 points): Complete the "All City Tournament".
    The Collector (20 points): Win all the prizes in the "All City Tournament".
    Mr. Perfecto (5 points): Get a "+10" score multiplier.
    Beatnik Smash (5 points): Crush 10 or more beatniks.
    Dance Master (15 points): Fill the move progress bar with all perfects.
    Double Dog (15 points): Survive 10 minutes in online coop endurance.
    LP (15 points): Last in endurance mode for ten minutes.
    All City All Star (35 points): Complete the "All City Tournament" with a grade of A+.
    Online Heavy Weight (20 points): Win 10 ranked versus games online.
    Break Steady Domination (25 points): Win five consecutive ranked games online.
    Puzzle Master (10 points): Win a challenge game by destroying green Beatniks only by combos or bombs.
    Coop Marathon (15 points): Last 10 minutes in coop endurance.
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