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Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Caribbean Challenge (10 points): Complete the Caribbean course under par.
    Parkland Challenge (10 points): Complete the Parkland course under par.
    Grab a Cup (20 points): Win a game in cup mode.
    Bag a Birdie (10 points): Hit a birdie (one below par) on any hole.
    Eagle Eye (20 points): Hit an eagle (two below par) on a par 4 or higher hole.
    Chip In (10 points): Hit the ball in the hole from outside of the green with any other club than the putter.
    Hole In One! (30 points): Hit the ball in the hole with one stroke.
    Networking (10 points): Complete one course in any mode online.
    Online Challenge (30 points): Play online modes and beat a total of 10 other players.
    Lawnmower (30 points): Swing 1,000 times.

Additionally, there are two secret achievements:

    Bunny Love (10 points): Wear a bunny accessory in game when there is a bunny close by.
    Ironman (10 points): Complete one hole with only iron clubs.
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