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Avatar Awards

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding Avatar Award:

    The Brim Of Justice: Take out the posse member with the biggest hat.
    The Castolon Poncho: Take out the posse member that looks the least flattering in a poncho.
    Vengeance Trail Walkers: Find closure on the vengeance trail.


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Undead or Alive (20 points): Remember the time you scorned a woman.
    Pistol for a Hundred Skeletons (20 points): Kill 18,675,309,000 Skeletons.
    A Long Fall to Hell (20 points): Find a way to kill an undead puppet.
    Great Balls of Fire (20 points): Survive an epic battle against a kite.
    The Hidden Fortress (20 points): Crash into someone's house uninvited.
    How The East Was Won (30 points): Possess a lush, full beard.
    Seven Shooter (5 points): Defy laws of physics by shooting more than six enemies without reloading.
    Money is the Best Medicine (20 points): Earn cash, not health, for every heart in an act.
    Russian Chicken (10 points): In a shootout, play chicken with a bullet before shooting it.
    Requiem for a Gunstringer (20 points): Walk amongst the dead.
    Lonely Are The Dead (30 points): Face Death and live to tell the tale.
    A Fistful of Revenge (50 points): Ride "Burrito" the Dog into the sunset.
    The Great Wall of Vengeance (20 points): Ride a rocket over a battlefield.
    The Canyon Runs Red (20 points): Fall thousands of feet without dying.
    No Country for Old Barons (20 points): Carjack a stagecoach.
    For A Few Gallons More (30 points): Take down Big Oil.
    The Gunstringer Rides Again (15 points): Destroy the advertising plan of a small business.
    Once Upon a Time in the West (20 points): End an artist's career.
    The Bandit Sheriff (20 points): Close your bank account.
    Stranger in New Orleans (20 points): Take Andrew Jackson to the Madam's district.
    The Big Easy Reckoning (30 points): Get close and personal with the Madam.
    Legend of the 8000 Samurai (20 points): Find the Great Wall of China in an unexpected place.
    My Horse, A Gun, Your Lumberjack (20 points): Find a place to saw some logs.
    The Brute and the Beast (20 points): See things that you will never be able to unsee.
    Death Rides a Steamboat (20 points): Commit mass destruction with a paddleboat.
    The Last Undead Boy Scout (20 points): Collect a gold medal, hardcore award, and 2P award in a single act.
    Perfect Performance (25 points): Win gold medals in all acts of a single play.
    Sellout (10 points): Buy an achievement from the bonus store.
    The Lone Star (20 points): Finish an act while playing on Hardcore Mode.
    Gold Medallist (20 points): Reach a Gold Medal score on a single act.
    Why Would You Even Do This? (25 points): Complete an act with every single modifier enabled.
    Big Spender (25 points): Purchase everything in the bonus store.
    Strings of Steel (50 points): Beat every play in one session. On Hardcore Mode. Also, never die.
    Awesomeness Detected (20 points): Do something really awesome.
    Lucky Prize Winner (15 points): Find an achievement hidden in a piece of concept art.
    Hundred Thousand Dollar Baby (20 points): Spend a whole chunk of money in the bonus store.
    Perfectionist (30 points): Win a gold medal in every act of every play.
    The Backwards Bandit (20 points): Complete a level with "Lefty Mode" enabled.
    Hot Lead Pusher (20 points): Get a crazy high kill streak.
    Turbo Deflation (10 points): Deflate the first boss in under 30 seconds.
    No Insurance (15 points): Don't scratch the paint while piloting a paddleboat.
    Took a Bullet for the Team (10 points): Take down the developers.
    Two Hearts to Live (20 points): Complete all acts in a play without ever dropping to one heart.
    Living Large in the Saddle (10 points): Hoard all the tacos and hearts in an act.
    With a Little Help from a Friend (15 points): Complete an act with a friend.
    What's Next? (5 points): Visit the Download Content screen to see what new content is available.
    Tin Marksman (5 points): Shoot all the cans in the Prologue.
    The Red Baron (25 points): Kill 100 enemies while strapped to a rocket in "The Great Wall of Vengeance".
    Undead and Untouchable (20 points): Reach the end of "Requiem for a Gunstringer" without losing a single heart.
    Back Seat Commentator (5 points): Listen to a different kind of narrator while you play.

The following achievements require the "Real Big Shootin'" bonus downloadable content:

    Real Best Friendin' (25 points): Beat a friend in 2 Player mode.
    Real Rad Multiplicatin' (25 points): Did some Real Big Shootin' and got a Real Big Multiplier.
    Real Mad Dodgin' (50 points): Did some Real Big Shootin' without getting hit.
    Real Big Completin' (25 points): Completed every unique round in Real Big Shootin'.
    Real Big Specialin' (25 points): Beat every type of special condition.
    Real Big Scorin' (25 points): Earned a Real Big Score.
    Real Duck Huntin' (20 points): Sliced 10 ducks with one shot.
    Real Wild Westin' (20 points): Killed 10 Jetpack Outlaws in one shot.
    Real Big Shootin' (25 points): FINALLY shot a dog after a long series of shootouts.
    Real Big Spendin' (10 points): Made a real good purchase.

The following achievements require the "El Diablo's Merican Adventure" bonus downloadable content:

    Money Made (15 points): Purchase "El Diablo's Merican Adventure" for a free achievement!
    Rockin' in the Parlour (25 points): Find the location of El Diablo's future bride.
    Hells Bells (30 points): Get El Diablo hitched.
    Ain't No Fun (30 points): Don't harm any innocents while on your adventure.
    Heatseeker (30 points): Don't let a single enemy escape your wrath!
    Evil Walks (25 points): Shoot every type of innocent at least once.
    Smash N Grab (15 points): Destroy 100 pieces of furniture.
    Kicked in the Teeth (20 points): Juggle a cow a dozen times.
    Thunderstruck (30 points): Juggle a cow 30 times.
    Nick of Time (30 points): Don't let a juggled cow hit the ground for 30 seconds.
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