Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Safety First (10 points): Make it to Neptune without losing a life.
    Tough Guy (10 points): Make it to stage 7 without obtaining any bonus weapons.
    Good Start (10 points): Get 12,000 points in the first stage.
    Sharp Shooter (10 points): Kill all ships on the first 3 bonus levels.
    Exploring Uranus (10 points): Make it to Uranus.
    Exploring Saturn (20 points): Make it to Saturn.
    Exploring Jupiter (20 points): Make it to Jupiter.
    Mars Attack (30 points): Make it to Mars.
    Mother Earth (30 points): Make it to Earth.
    Partnership (10 points): Obtain a score of 60,000 during an Xbox Live Co-op game.
    Team Work (20 points): Obtain a score of 200,000 during an Xbox Live Co-op game.
    Too Good (20 points): Win 50 Xbox Live Versus games.
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