Hardwood Hearts

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Ace of Hearts (40 points): Win 10 consecutive games.
    Black Widow Exterminator (20 points): Avoid taking the Queen of Spades in 25 total games.
    Habitual Heartbreaker (10 points): Break hearts a total of 100 times.
    Heart Attack (10 points): Win a game by at least 50 points.
    Hearts Sweetheart (10 points): Play a total of 100 games.
    Jack of Hearts (10 points): Win a total of 10 games.
    King of Hearts (10 points): Win 25 games.
    Lunar Satellite (30 points): Shoot the moon three times in a single game.
    Lunar Sniper (10 points): Shoot the moon by taking all point cards in a hand.
    Queen of Hearts (10 points): Play 10 complete games on Xbox Live.
    Solar Sniper (30 points): Shoot the sun by taking every single trick in a hand.
    The Prankster (10 points): Take 500 total tricks.
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