Hardwood Spades

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get Gamerscore points:

    Ace of Spades: Win 25 consecutive games.
    Bidder Beginner: Win a total of 10 games.
    Blind Bidder Extraordinaire: Complete 5 blind nils.
    Jack of Spades: Win 10 consecutive games.
    King of Spades: Win a total of 25 games.
    Light Packer: Successfully complete a game without taking any bags.
    Nil Annihilator: Complete 100 nils.
    Online Trickster: Successfully complete 10 games on Xbox Live.
    Spades Prankster: Take a total of 500 tricks.
    Spades Veteran: Play a total of 100 games.
    To the Moon: Take all the point cards in a hand.
    To the Moon and Back: Complete 2 moon shots in a single game.
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