Infernal: Hell's Vengeance

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    The Easy Way (100 points): Complete game in easy difficulty.
    The Normal Way (150 points): Complete game in medium difficulty.
    The Infernal Way (200 points): Complete game in hard difficulty.
    Infernal Power (10 points): Obtain Infernal power.
    Teleportation (10 points): Obtain Teleportation power.
    Multiple Teleportation (10 points): Obtain multiple Teleportation power.
    Mana Booster (30 points): Find 3 mana boosters to increase your mana.
    Health Booster (30 points): Find 3 health boosters to increase your health.
    Betrayal (20 points): Complete Prologue.
    The Dark Angel (20 points): Join the Abyss.
    The Cloister (20 points): Get inside the cloister.
    Cable Ride (20 points): Get to the upper cloister.
    The Acolytes (20 points): Survive the upper cloister.
    Walls of Pain (20 points): Complete mission 1.
    The Chase (20 points): Find Elena.
    Duel (20 points): Defeat Elena.
    Going Down (20 points): Find Wolf's lab.
    Heaven's Triumph (20 points): Complete mission 2.
    Steelworks (20 points): Enter the Steelworks.
    Running Man (20 points): Complete mission 3.
    Wings of Steel (20 points): Find the plane.
    Reflection (20 points): Find the device in the plane.
    The Resurrection (20 points): Find Barbara.
    Airstrike (20 points): Complete mission 4.
    The Island (20 points): Find the Observatory.
    The Saint (20 points): Complete Mission 5.
    The Cowboy Way (20 points): Find Dual Pistol.
    Fire Away (20 points): Fire rocket launcher 20 times.
    The Dark Force (20 points): Use infernal powers 100 times.
    Precision (20 points): Don't activate the gas traps in the plane.
    The Collector (20 points): Retrieve energy from 100 enemies.
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