JAM Live Music Arcade

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Jam Rookie (10 points): Record your first performance.
    Stop Watch (10 points): Trigger a track on-beat during a performance.
    Jam Jockey (10 points): Play a recorded jam in Arcade Mode.
    Junior Producer (10 points): Complete 5 jams in Arcade Mode.
    Play it Again Sam (10 points): Trigger the same track on-beat three times in a single jam.
    Loop Master (10 points): Trigger 20 consecutive loop tracks on-beat.
    Set Master (10 points): Trigger 4 consecutive bankset changes on-beat.
    Soloist (15 points): Trigger 20 consecutive freeform tracks on-beat.
    Going Bronze (15 points): Earn 20 bronze medals in Jam Mode.
    Going Silver (20 points): Earn 20 silver medals in Jam Mode.
    Going Gold (50 points): Earn 20 gold medals in Jam Mode.
    Arcade Master (30 points): Complete all jams in Arcade Mode.
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