Jet Car Stunts

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Bronze (25 points): Get bronze or better medal.
    Collector mode completed (40 points): Complete all Collector levels.
    Easy does it (25 points): Beat the time 1:48:00 in Time trial Easy A.
    Ghost buster (25 points): Beat your own ghost in the Time trial level where you already have a gold medal.
    Gold (25 points): Get a gold medal.
    Hard Times (40 points): Beat the time 4:25:00 in Time trial Hard B.
    Medium C (25 points): Beat the time 2:26:00 in Time trial Medium C.
    Nerves of steel (65 points): Complete Platforming Very hard A without any retries.
    Platforming mode completed (40 points): Complete all Platforming levels.
    Silver (25 points): Get silver or better medal.
    Time trial mode completed (40 points): Complete all Time trial levels.
    Without a scratch (25 points): Complete Platforming Hard A in less than 0:50:00 with no retries.
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