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Hitman reference

In Chapter 2 when you start to fight the police after you pass a bus, Kane tells you to enter the store to your left. Look at the pictures in that store to see Agent 47 from the Hitman series.

Mini Ninjas reference

Play the "Subway" multiplayer level. When you spawn, turn to your left to find five signs. The first sign features the cast from Mini Ninjas.

Easy "Can It" achievement

Easy "Chinese Waltz" achievement

Easy "Dance Off" achievement

Easy "Doing Good" achievement

Easy "Double Happiness" achievement

Easy "Hand Of God" achievement

Easy "K-9 Firepower" achievement ("Doggie Bag" DLC)

Easy "Love Of Money" achievement

Easy "Mexican Showoff" achievement

Easy "Safe Crime" achievement

Easy "Steady Hand" achievement

Easy "Trigger Happy" achievement


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Welcome to Shanghai (20 points): Complete 'Welcome to Shanghai' on any difficulty.
    Street War (20 points): Complete 'The Details' on any difficulty.
    Death Sentence (20 points): Complete 'Blood, Sweat and Tears' on any difficulty.
    Nowhere to Hide (25 points): Complete 'Laying Low' on any difficulty.
    Baby be Safe (25 points): Complete 'Coming Home' on any difficulty.
    Lost Love (25 points): Complete 'A Thousand Cuts' on any difficulty.
    Double Cross (25 points): Complete 'The Deal' on any difficulty.
    Slow Train to Hell (30 points): Complete 'Out of Shanghai' on any difficulty.
    Bring It Down (30 points): Complete 'Air Strike' on any difficulty.
    Kill or Be Killed (30 points): Complete 'Resurrection' on any difficulty.
    Dog Days (60 points): Complete Story Mode on any difficulty level.
    Dead Men Rising (60 points): Complete Story Mode on Extreme.
    Catch! (10 points): Push your human shield into an opponent in Story Mode.
    Can It! (10 points): Kill 10 enemies with exploding canisters.
    Mexican Showoff (10 points): Kill 5 enemies while downed before successfully recovering.
    Sichuan Specialist (10 points): Escape the restaurant in 'Laying Low' without being downed on any difficulty.
    Hand of God (20 points): Complete a Story Mode mission without dying once on any difficulty.
    Chinese Waltz (10 points): Kill 5 enemies without losing your human shield.
    Dance Off! (10 points): Execute 30 enemies while holding them as human shield.
    Trigger Happy (15 points): Kill 5 enemies in 15 seconds with any pistol whilst not dropping your health below 90%.
    Double Happiness (15 points): Kill 6 enemies in a row with a shotgun - all of them as one shot kills.
    Steady Hand (15 points): Get 5 headshots in a row using the same clip.
    You Want Blood? (30 points): 1000 kills.
    A Little Help From a Friend (10 points): Complete 1 mission in Co-op.
    No Going Back (20 points): Complete 5 missions in Co-op.
    End of the Road (40 points): Complete Story Mode in Co-op.
    Giving a Hand (15 points): Finish 30 enemies your Co-op partner shot 'Down Not Dead'.
    Got Your Back (10 points): Revive your Co-op partner 10 times.
    Welcome (10 points): Successfully escape once in Arcade Mode or in any Multiplayer Ranked Match.
    Doing Good (10 points): Successfully reach round 5 in Arcade Mode.
    Love of Money (20 points): Successfully reach round 10 in Arcade Mode.
    Greedy Bastard (10 points): Earn at least $5,000,000 in every level in Arcade Mode.
    Lightning Looter (10 points): Reach $8,000,000 in under 6 minutes of actual playtime in Arcade Mode.
    Safe Crime (10 points): Finish 5 rounds in a row without getting any penalties in Arcade Mode.
    Battle Hardened (15 points): Complete one session in each Multiplayer Mode (Ranked Match).
    Addict (20 points): Win 20 sessions of Cops & Robbers (Ranked Match).
    The Cleaner (20 points): Escape as a traitor with 50% of any level’s total loot in Arcade Mode or Multiplayer Ranked Match.
    Escape from ...Anywhere (20 points): Successfully escape 25 times in Arcade Mode or in any Multiplayer Ranked Match.
    D.I.Y. (20 points): Escape with more than $2,500,000 in a round of either Arcade Mode or Multiplayer Ranked Match.
    Putting on the Ritz (20 points): End a round as Criminal Expert in a Fragile Alliance Ranked Match.
    Blackjack and Hookers! (10 points): Accumulate $25,000,000 in your career (Arcade Mode and Multiplayer Ranked Match).
    Most Wanted (25 points): Accumulate $50,000,000 in your career (Arcade Mode and Multiplayer Ranked Match).
    Mastermind (50 points): Become criminal Mastermind (Highest Rank) in Multiplayer Ranked Match.
    Rat Killer (20 points): Kill the Undercover Cop as the last surviving criminal and escape (Ranked Match).
    Law Enforcer (20 points): Win as the Undercover Cop by killing all criminals yourself (Ranked Match).
    Harry Houdini (10 points): Escape from being held as human shield in any Multiplayer Mode (Ranked Match).
    Unfinished Business (10 points): Kill a yellow carded criminal whilst Down Not Dead (Arcade Mode and Multiplayer Ranked Match).
    Alpha Male (20 points): Have the most kills in a Cops & Robbers Ranked Match.
    No I in TEAM (15 points): Earn the highest Criminal Loyalty level in Multiplayer Ranked Match.
    There's an I in TRAITOR (15 points): Become Scum in a Multiplayer Mode (Ranked Match).

The following achievements require the "Doggie Bag" bonus downloadable content:

    K9-Firepower (20 points): Get 5 kills using canisters in a round of Multiplayer Ranked Match or Arcade Mode.
    Escape From The Pound (20 points): Escape on all levels at least once in Multiplayer Ranked Match or Arcade Mode.
    Last in Show (25 points): Escape as the last player on your own in a Multiplayer Ranked Match.
    Rabid (50 points): 1000 kills.
    Under Dog (25 points): In the last round of a 'Fragile Alliance' Ranked Match, climb from last to 1st place.
    Good Doggie (20 points): Escape with $100,000 or more in every round of a Multiplayer Ranked Match session.
    The Dog Track (20 points): Escape in less than 1½ minutes in Arcade Mode or Multiplayer Ranked Match.
    Rex (20 points): Get 150 criminal kills as a cop in 'Cops & Robbers' Ranked Matches.
    Poodle (50 points): Accumulate $25,000,000 during your career in Multiplayer Ranked Matches.
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