Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Debut! (5 points): Congratulations on your debut!
    Variety (5 points): So many songs in your repertoire!
    One More Time (5 points): Sing the same song twice in a row
    Incoming Transmission (5 points): Added a song via Smart Glass
    Free Song (5 points): Come back and try some more freebies soon!
    Favorite Medley (5 points): Sing 5 Favorite songs back to back
    Strike A Pose (5 points): Your Fans are copying you!
    Shutter Chance! (15 points): Even your Fans can't do this!
    Crowd Pleaser (15 points): Turn up the heat with your poses!
    Live And Direct! (20 points): Capacity limit? What capacity limit?
    Eye In The Sky (30 points): Sea of Fans!
    Next Big Thing (10 points): Earn 10,000 or more Fans in 1 session
    Take The World by Storm (20 points): Earn 15,000 or more Fans with one song
    Memory Lane (20 points): Register 100 songs in History
    Don't Stop The Music (20 points): Congratulations on going the distance!
    Bronze Medal (10 points): Aim for the top!
    Silver Medal (20 points): Welcome to the top!
    Gold Medal (30 points): You are the greatest!
    Platinum Medal (50 points): Best singer in the world!
    Axe Man (5 points): Do a gig with a guitar in the backup band
    Slap Happy (5 points): Do a gig with a bass in the backup band
    Beat It (5 points): Do a gig with a drum set in the backup band
    Hey! DJ! (5 points): Do a gig with a DJ in the backup band
    Virtuoso (5 points): Do a gig with a keyboard in the backup band
    Give Me Some Backup! (5 points): Do a gig with a chorus in the backup band
    Hey Big Spender (10 points): Use 30,000 Moola all at once when leveling up
    The Stage Is Set (10 points): Reach for your dreams!
    Golden Jubilee (15 points): Sing 50 songs.

Additionally, there are two secret achievements:

    Back For More (20 points): Your Fans are waiting for you...
    Strike Gold (20 points): Become the Legend!
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