Kinect Fun Labs: Mutation Station



Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Back to Reality (5 points): Experience your first complete transformation (primary player rewarded).
    Fire Both Barrels (5 points): Activate the second transformation beam (primary player rewarded).
    Happy Bending (5 points): Bend your body as much as you can in two directions (primary player rewarded).
    Little and Large (5 points): Fully inflate and fully deflate your head (primary player rewarded).
    Cinematographer (5 points): Share a video on (primary player rewarded).
    Capture the Magic (5 points): Share a photo on (primary player rewarded).
    Serial Shapeshifter (10 points): Share content three times in one play session (primary player rewarded).
    Perfect Professor (10 points): Discover each of the different transformation effects in one play session (primary player rewarded).
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