The King Of Fighters '98: Ultimate Match
EX fighters

While highlighting a character at the selection screen, hold Back to unlock their EX version. If done correctly, their portrait will change. Note: To select BOTR Iori and Leona or Orochi and Goentiz, you first must defeat them in Arcade mode.

Play as Goenitz

Defeat Goenitz in Arcade mode.

Play as Orochi

Defeat Orochi in Arcade mode.

Play as Orochi Iori

Defeat Orochi Iori in Arcade mode, and successfully complete the game.

Play as Orochi Leona

Defeat Orochi Leona in Arcade mode, and successfully complete the game.

Movie Gallery

Defeat all 64 characters (including Goenitz, Omega Rugal, and Orochi) in Endless mode to unlock the Movie Gallery.

Ending gallery

Use the following edit teams in Arcade mode to unlock the corresponding team's ending gallery after the ending credits. The edit team's gallery will be available in Gallery mode.

    Heidren, Ralf ,Clark: 94 Ikari team
    Iori, Billy, Eiji: 95 Rival team
    Geese, Krauser ,Mr.Big: 96 Boss team
    Ryo, Robert, Takuma: Former Art Of Fighting team
    Kasumi, Mai, King: 96 Womens team
    Rugal, Goenitz ,Orochi: 98:UM Boss team
    Eiji, Kasumi, Mr. Big: Anti-AOF team
    Iori,Yashiro, Yamazaki: Detest "Shingo" team
    Andy, Mai, Eiji: Ninja team
    Athena, Leona, Kasumi: Teenage Girls team
    Yamazaki ,Mature ,Vice: Yamazaki team
    Orochi, Orochi Leona, Orochi Iori: Awaken team
    Mr. Big, Chang, Choi: Skin-Head team


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Perfect Match (5 points): Pass level perfectly in one round (without injury) (Arcade/Single Play Only).
    Champion (15 points): Finish the game (can continue) (Arcade/Single Play Only).
    The King of Fighters (30 points): Finish the game (can't lose one round, can't continue) (Arcade/Single Play Only).
    Uncontrollable (10 points): Iori(Ura) or Leona(Ura) appear as CPU (Arcade/Single Play Only).
    Score Hunter (10 points): Highest point exceeds 300 thousand (Arcade/Single Play Only).
    5 Continuous Wins (20 points): Achieve 5 straight wins in Xbox LIVE fight.
    10 Continuous Wins (35 points): Achieve 10 straight wins in Xbox LIVE fight.
    Rookie (10 points): Achieve 10 wins in Xbox LIVE fight.
    Professional (20 points): Achieve 50 wins in Xbox LIVE fight.
    The King (35 points): Achieve 100 wins in Xbox LIVE fight.
    Untouchable (5 points): Achieve straight win (Arcade Play Only).
    Assist Attack (5 points): Perform an assist attack (Arcade Play Only).
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