Kung Fu: High Impact



Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Rough Awakening (25 points): Wake up from a terrible nightmare in Chapter 1: Fears Half Forgotten.
    Contained! (25 points): Close all cargo containers in Chapter 2: Trouble at the Docks.
    Workplace Safety (25 points): Defeat the threat against the comic book store in Chapter 3: Heck Breaks Loose.
    Metalhead (25 points): Prevent a mystic artifact from being stolen in Chapter 4: Helmet Blunder.
    Tourist (25 points): Visit a picturesque temple and live to tell the tale in Chapter 5: Eye of the Dragon.
    Woodsman (25 points): Survive the hostile fauna in Chapter 6: Crossroads.
    A Million Volts (25 points): Cause enough havoc to escape danger in Chapter 7: Jungle Boogie.
    Swamp Thing (25 points): Survive the swamp horrors in Chapter 8: A Helping Wing.
    Nothing To See Here (25 points): Clear monstrous squatters from the ruins in Chapter 9: Big, Bad and Ugly.
    Next! (25 points): Defeat a horde of minions in Chapter 10: The New Boss in Town.
    Live to Fight Another Day (25 points): Survive your first encounter with a dangerous foe in Chapter 11: Blazing Guns.
    Overshadowed (25 points): Return a forgotten memory to its sleeping place in Chapter 12: A Shadow from the Past.
    Janitor (25 points): Clean up a horde of monsters in Chapter 13: The Great Escape.
    All in a Day's Work (25 points): Save the world in Chapter 14: The Hordes of Doom.
    Zookeeper (20 points): Reach round 7 in Survival: Horde.
    Lightbringer (20 points): Reach round 7 in Survival: Darkness.
    Shadowboxer (20 points): Reach round 7 in Survival: Shadow Warriors.
    Unmasker (20 points): Reach round 7 in Survival: Masked Warriors.
    Extreme Survivalist (40 points): Reach round 21 in Survival: Horde.
    Blue Belt (10 points): Defeat 100 enemies.
    Red Belt (15 points): Defeat 200 enemies.
    Black Belt (25 points): Defeat 400 enemies.
    Rumbler (15 points): Damage four or more enemies with a single Ground Shaker.
    Zapper (15 points): Finish off three or more enemies using Lightning in one fight.
    Power Punisher (15 points): Hit an enemy from behind with Power Punch.
    Air Superiority (15 points): Hit a flying enemy with Power Punch.
    Slo-Mo Master (15 points): Deal damage six times during a single Time Stop.
    Nick of Time (15 points): Block an attack when you have less than 10% health remaining.
    Perfect Style (30 points): Reach 100% style in a single fight by using a varied combination of attacks.
    Fight Marathon (30 points): Defeat 100 or more enemies during a single fight.
    Headshot! (15 points): Shoot a Giant in the head with the Magic Bow.
    Kung-Fu Party! (20 points): Complete a multiplayer fight against 3 or more players controlling enemies.
    Artful Dodger (15 points): In a single fight, perform a dodge, duck, flip dodge, backflip dodge and jump dodge.
    William Tell (15 points): Score five consecutive hits using the Magic Bow.
    Tenacious (25 points): In Chapter 4: Helmet Blunder, defeat the Shadow Guard without using Ground Shaker.
    Pick on Someone Your Own Size (15 points): Finish off a Giant while giant-sized yourself.
    Tactician (25 points): Win a single fight without physically touching any enemies yourself.
    Wham! (15 points): Hit an Armored Inkling while Mega Damage is active.
    Multitasker (15 points): Hit an enemy while zapping a different enemy with Lightning.
    Fast as Lightning (20 points): Complete a Mayhem Designer fight against a total of 6 or more enemies with a time scale of 150%.
    And Stay Down! (20 points): Finish off a Giant by bringing one down to its knees, then using Ground Shaker on its back.
    Volley! (20 points): Shoot 100 or more arrows with the Magic Bow during one fight.
    Bullseye! (15 points): Use the Magic Bow to hit an enemy that is over 30 meters away.
    Double Black Belt of Awesomeness (65 points): Acquire all other achievements.
    Untouchable (30 points): For 3 minutes, avoid hitting and getting hit by enemies in Chapter 2: Trouble at the Docks.
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