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Cheat mode

Pause the game, select the "Extras" option, and choose the "Enter Code" selection. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

2x Stud Multiplier5MZ73E
Minikit DetectorJYJAFX
ACU Trooper (Female)AU25GR
ACU Trooper (Male)28SPSR
Dennis Nedry (Costa Rica - Hawaiian shirt)RAVKRT
Dieter StarkEKCKLC
Dino Handler Bob or VicYQ6S7Z
Ellie DeglerAV9DTJ
Gyrosphere Operator Josh9NGZZQ
Handler EllisBX9Z6R
Henry Wu (Jurassic World)A3HC7E
InGen Guard JerryQKBCWT
InGen Hunter38YWVR
InGen Lab TechnicianSKKLWC
InGen Mechanic/InGen Hunter 3RMVVB8
InGen Mercenary/InGen ContractorVZRSD3
InGen Scout/InGen Hunter 18XL359
Jimmy Fallon from The Tonight Show6MKHSG
John Hammond (Lost World)PR2R6Y
Juanito RostagnoXTH9A3
Jurassic Park Warden (Female)8WY3FV
Jurassic Park Warden (Male)XJS7UY
Jurassic World RangerGW9TGH
Jurassic World VeterinarianL5AU6Y
Nash (Runway)BRLNWC
Raptor Handler JennySXZ7CC
S.S. Venture Crewman62539J
Scientist (Female)XVXGXF
Udesky (Alt)PFEBS6
Young Raptor Handler (Jurassic World)7VNLJT

Red Brick cheats

Find one of the following Red Bricks, then go to the Visitor Center at Isla Nublar or the Innovation Center at Isla Sorna, and pay the indicated number of studs to activate it.

8-Bit Music100,000Retro music
Amber Brick Detector200,000Follow the arrow to Amber Bricks
Attract Studs100,000Collects studs from farther away
Collect Ghost Studs100,000Collects light blue studs
Compy Mode100,000Smaller characters
Destroy on Contact100,000Walk into objects to break them
Fast Build100,000Faster construction
Fast Interact100,000Speed up all control panels
Gold Brick Detector200,000Follow the arrow to nearest Gold Brick
Helium Voices100,000High-pitched voices
Hybrid Disguises100,000Characters dress like dinosaurs
Invincibility5,000,000Infinite health
Minikit Detector200,000Follow arrow to the Minikit
Nedry Disguises100,000All characters wear Hawaiian shirts
Red Brick Detector200,000Locates Red Bricks
Score x21,000,000Collect two times the Lego studs
Score x42,000,000Collect four times the Lego studs
Score x63,000,000Collect six times the Lego studs
Score x84,000,000Collect eight times the Lego studs
Score x105,000,000Collect ten times the Lego studs

All Red Brick locations

Search the indicated locations to find all 20 Red Bricks. Collect all Red Bricks to get the "One Big Pile Of Bricks" achievement. The following is a list of the time codes for each Red Brick location in the video:

    Red Brick 1 - 00:00: Hybrid Disguises
    Red Brick 2 - 02:00: Nedry Disguises
    Red Brick 3 - 03:00: Score x2
    Red Brick 4 - 03:40: Score x8
    Red Brick 5 - 04:15: 8-Bit Music
    Red Brick 6 - 05:07: Destroy On Contact
    Red Brick 7 - 06:03: Compy Mode
    Red Brick 8 - 07:42: Fast Interact
    Red Brick 9 - 09:35: Score x10
    Red Brick 10 - 11:20: Invincibility
    Red Brick 11 - 13:20: Score x6
    Red Brick 12 - 15:34: Amber Brick Detector
    Red Brick 13 - 19:06: Fast Build
    Red Brick 14 - 19:48: Gold Brick Detector
    Red Brick 15 - 21:22: Score x4
    Red Brick 16 - 22:29: Helium Voices
    Red Brick 17 - 23:06: Red Brick Detector
    Red Brick 18 - 23:37: Collect Ghost Studs
    Red Brick 19 - 25:01: Minkit Detector
    Red Brick 20 - 28:01: Attract Studs

All Amber Brick locations

Search the indicated locations to find all 20 Amber Bricks. Collect all Amber Bricks to get the "The Legacy Of John Hammond" achievement.

All 20 photograph locations

Search the indicated locations to find all 20 photographs. Complete all 20 photographs to get the "Observe And Document" achievement.

Bonus characters

The following characters will become available for purchase at the indicated level:

Jurassic Park
Alan Grant (Montana)1Free
Alan Grant2Free
Alan Grant (Survivor)5Free
Ellie Sattler (Montana)1Free
Ellie Sattler2Free
Ellie Sattler (Raincoat)385,000
Ellie Sattler (Survivor)5Free
Jophery Brown1Free
Robert Muldoon1Free
Robert Muldoon (Raincoat)380,000
Gerry Harding2Free
Ian Malcolm3Free
Ian Malcolm (Survivor)5Free
Lex Murphy3Free
Lex Murphy (Survivor)5Free
John Hammond5Free
Dino Handler VicHub 140,000
Dig Site Volunteer130,000
Juanita RostagnoHub 140,000
Dennis Nedry2100,000
Dennis Nedry (Raincoat)Hub 1125,000
Dennis Nedry (Costa Rica)5145,000
Donald Gennaro275,000
Donald Gennaro (Bathroom)Hub 185,000
InGen ScientistHub 120,000
InGen Lab Technician220,000
Dino Handler BobHub 145,000
Henry Wu480,000
Jurassic Park DriverHub 110,000
Ray ArnoldHub 1125,000
Jurassic Park Veterinarian465,000
Jurassic Park Warden435,000
Timmy Murphy4Free
Timmy Murphy (Survivor)5Free
Dig Site Kid145,000
The Lost World: Jurassic Park
Ian Malcolm6Free
Ian Malcolm (San Diego)10Free
John Hammond (Lost World)6145,000
Eddie Car6Free
Nick Van Owen6Free
Sarah Harding6Free
Sarah Harding (San Diego)10Free
Ajay Sidhu7Free
Robert Burke8Free
Roland Tembo9Free
Kelly Malcolm9Free
Dieter Stark760,000
Dierdre Bowman740,000
InGen Scout720,000
Peter Ludlow (Isla Sorna)7120,000
Peter Ludlow890,000
InGen HunterHub 230,000
InGen Mechanic830,000
Paul Bowman920,000
SS Venture Crewman920,000
InGen Guard Berner945,000
InGen Guard Jerry940,000
Yacht Crewman925,000
InGen Harbor Master1020,000
InGen Investor Gerald1035,000
Unlucky BystanderHub 220,000
Fisherman Jim1030,000
Cathy Bowman750,000
Jurassic Park 3
Alan Grant (Isla Sorna)11Free
Alan Grant (Lecture)15Free
Billy Brennan11Free
Paul Kirby11Free
Paul Kirby (Dinner)1360,000
Amanda Kirby11Free
Amanda Kirby (Dinner)1350,000
Udesky (Alternate)1465,000
Cooper (Runway)14Free
Ellie Degler1450,000
Mark Degler1410,000
Charlie Degler1430,000
Cheryl Logan1140,000
Ben HildebrandHub 365,000
NashHub 365,000
Nash (Runway)1365,000
Enrique Cardoso1550,000
Eric Kirby15Free
Eric Kirby in Disguise14Free
Jurassic World
Owen Grady16Free
Owen Grady (Survivor)20Free
Supervisor Nick16Free
Handler Ellis16Free
Claire Dearing (Lab)17Free
Claire Dearing18Free
Claire Dearing (Survivor)20Free
Zach Mitchell18Free
Zach Mitchell (Survivor)20Free
Scientist Phil19Free
Henry Wu20100,000
Young Raptor HandlerHub 470,000
Jurassic World Worker1620,000
Jurassic World RangerHub 440,000
HamadaHub 485,000
LoweryHub 490,000
Gyrosphere Operator Josh1745,000
ACU Trooper Female1825,000
ACU Trooper Male1820,000
Jurassic World Veterinarian1865,000
InGen Mercenary1940,000
Simon MasraniHub 4150,000
Raptor Handler Jenny1950,000
Jimmy Fallon20250,000
Gray Mitchell17Free
Gray Mitchell (Survivor)20Free
Colin Trevorrow20250,000
DJ Master Frank20250,000
Pilot Pat20250,000
Mr. D.N.A.All story levels500,000
Steven SpielbergAll story levels250,000

Dinosaur abilities

The following dinosaurs are able to perform the indicated unique abilities:

    Camouflage: Surprise enemies through stealth. Available for Indominus Rex.
    Charge: Break objects with head. Available for Pachycephalosaurus, Baby Triceratops, and Triceratops.
    Dino Strength: Able to destroy almost anything. Available for Velociraptor, Tyrannosaurus, Baryonyx, and Spinosaurus.
    Dino Switches: Pull and bite switches to activate objects. Available for Pteradodon.
    Flight: Travel through the air. Available for Dimorphodon and Pteradodon.
    Goo Spit: Break objects with a spitting attack. Available for Dilophosaurus.
    Pounce: Jump on a raptor rail and jump higher. Available for Velociraptor.
    Quake: Crush things under them. Available for Apatosaurus and Brachiosaurus.
    Roar: Break dinosaur strength objects and amber. Available for Tyrannosaurus, Baryonyx, Spinosaurus, and Indominus Rex.
    Rope/Vine Slash: Cut through Lego vines and ropes. Available for Velociraptor.
    Scent Tracking: Follow scent trails. Available for Velociraptor.
    Swim: Travel in water. Available for Mosasaurus.
    Tail-Slam: Break objects with its tail. Available for Stegosaurus and Ankylosaurus.
    Tiny Access: Allow to enter specially marked areas. Available for Compsognathus.

Easy "Anybody Want A Soda?" achievement

The soda can is Dennis Nedry's targeted ranged attack. Hitting a dinosaur or accidentally hitting a human will not qualify. Since it has to be a targeted hit on a human and Nedry will only target hostiles, play the "InGen Arrival" level in Free Play mode.

Easy "The Human Piece Of Toast" achievement

Have Timmy and one of the stun rod characters (for example, Jophery Brown). The third hit of the stun rod melee combo is a thrust with the rod that will result in a shock. Time it so you will miss the first two swings, then hit Timmy with the third. Note: Having Timmy hit an electrical environmental hazard will not qualify.


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Welcome To Jurassic Park (20 points): Complete Prologue.
    The Calm Before The Storm (20 points): Complete Welcome To Jurassic Park.
    Objects In The Mirror (20 points): Complete Park Shutdown.
    We're Being Hunted (20 points): Complete Restoring Power.
    Decided Not To Endorse Your Park (20 points): Complete The Visitor Center.
    That's How It All Starts... (20 points): Complete Isla Sorna.
    Mommy's Very Angry (20 points): Complete InGen Arrival.
    Don't Go Into The Long Grass (20 points): Complete The Hunted.
    What About The Others? (20 points): Complete Communications Center.
    Just Follow The Screams (20 points): Complete San Diego.
    Not On InGen's List (20 points): Complete Landing Site.
    Nobody Move A Muscle (20 points): Complete The Spinosaurus.
    Is This How You Make Dinosaurs? (20 points): Complete Breeding Facility.
    Family Reunion (20 points): Complete Eric Kirby.
    Going Home (20 points): Complete The Bird Cage.
    The Park Is Open (20 points): Complete Welcome To Jurassic World.
    Full Jurassic World Experience (20 points): Complete Gyrosphere Valley.
    Are You Following The Dinosaur? (20 points): Complete Out Of Bounds.
    A New Alpha (20 points): Complete Under Attack.
    We Need More Teeth (20 points): Complete Main Street Showdown.
    65 Million Bricks In The Making (40 points): Complete All Story Levels.
    Something Has Survived (20 points): Obtain True Survivor in any level.
    We're Out Of A Job… (20 points): Collect all Minikits in any level.
    … Don't You Mean Extinct? (40 points): Collect all Minikits in the game.
    Went And Made A New Dinosaur (20 points): Create a custom dinosaur.
    All I Got Was This T-Shirt (20 points): Create a custom character.
    Spared No Expense (40 points): Collect 65,000,000 studs.
    Bingo! Dino DNA! (20 points): Collect an Amber Brick.
    The Legacy of John Hammond (40 points): Collect All Amber Bricks.
    Send The Helicopters (20 points): Rescue all Workers in Peril.
    What Lysine Contingency? (20 points): Heal all Dinosaurs.
    Must Go Faster (20 points): Complete All Races.
    Observe And Document (20 points): Complete All Photographs.
    Next Time It'll Be Flawless! (70 points): Achieve 100% Completion.
    One Big Pile Of Bricks (20 points): Collect All Red Bricks.
    Helping Hand (10 points): Heal A Dinosaur.
    Survival Expert (40 points): Collect True Survivor on all levels.
    Reason To Fear Man (10 points): Defeat 50 Compy Goons.
    We Want To Be Thrilled (10 points): Place a custom Dinosaur in a Paddock.
    The Concept Of Attraction (10 points): Enable Stud Magnet Red Brick.
    Not Machine Compatible (10 points): Try to use a hacker terminal as Alan Grant.
    Pack Hunter (10 points): Set both Free Play characters as Raptors.
    Anybody want a Soda? (10 points): As Dennis Nedry, throw a soda can at another character.
    Remember To Wash Your Hands (10 points): Complete a Dropping Rummage.
    Do-You-Think-He-Saurus? (10 points): Sneak past a Dinosaur using Camoflauge.
    Clever Goal (10 points): As a Velociraptor, score a goal in the Jurassic World Petting Zoo.
    Hello John! (10 points): Set both Free Play characters as John Hammond (or variant of him).
    Building Blocks Of Life (10 points): Build a LEGO object using Mr. DNA.
    The Human Piece Of Toast (10 points): Give Timmy a shock.
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