Lego Star Wars 3: The Clone Wars

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ


Cheat mode

Pause the game, select the "Extras" option, and choose the "Enter Code" selection. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Character Studs2D5GNM
Character StudsQD2C31
Stud Magnet6MZ5CH
Stud Multiplier X10N1CKR1
Score X443T5E5
Score X10N1CKR1
Minikit DetectorCSD5NA
Perfect Deflect3F5L56
Dual WieldC4ES4R
Dark SideX1V4N2
Fast BuildGCHP7S
Super Saber CutBS828K
Super SpeedersB1D3W3
Regenerate Hearts2D7JNS
Glow In The Dark4GT3VQ
Anakin's Jedi StarfighterRCTFLV
Arc-170 Starfighter (rapid fire)ZY3AE2
AT-AP WalkerAA279H
BARC SpeederYMWV33
Destroyer Droid9MUTS2
Dwarf Spider DroidNACMGG
Geonosian Solar SailorPJ2U3R
Geonosian StarfighterEDENEC
H-Type Nubian Yacht77QEJL
Hailfire DroidT7XF9Z
Hyena BomberNPGG24
Jedi ShuttleHRX2UK
Kit Fitso's Jedi StarfighterH68D3K
MagnaGuard StarfighterHJ5HHD
Medical Frigate (torpedoes)BET7CU
Neimoidian Shuttle6LT4QL
Obi-Wan's Jedi Starfighter25FMVT
OG-9 Homing Spider Droid7NEC36
Pirate Saucer (missiles)Z567HR
Pirate Speeder Tank3NQGYL
Plo Koon's Jedi StarfighterL4LCDV
Probe DroidU2T4SP
Republic Attack ShuttleBQCXWR
Republic Cruiser (missiles and torpedoes)J3MFJZ
Republic Dropship (rapid fire)J2JNDD
Republic GunshipC7M3DU
RX-200 TankP8Z9M5
Soulless One (rapid fire)7RL23G
Starhawk Speeder Bike3RE9XV
Stealth Ship (missiles and torpedoes)XPY46K
Super TankRYLVNW
The Halo (rapid fire)MHG3XB
The TwilightT4K5L4
Trident Assault Craft (missiles and torpedoes)JSBLJS
V-19 Torrent StarfighterAKA9BB
Vulture Droid7W7K7S
Xanadu Blood (rapid fire)LQ2SVT
Y-Wing StarfighterXTL6Y3
Aayla Secura2VG95B
Adi GalliaG2BFEN
Admiral Ackbar (Classic)272Y9Q
Admiral YularenNG6PYX
Anakin SkywalkerF9VUYJ
Anakin Skywalker (Geonosian Arena)9AA4DW
Asajj VentressYG9DD7
Aurra SingM2V1JV
Bail OrganaGEHX6C
Barriss OffeeBTVTZ5
Battle Droid5Y7MA4
Battle Droid CommanderLSU4LJ
Bib Fortuna9U4TF3
Bobba Fett (Classic)TY2BYJ
Cad BaneNHME85
Captain Antilles (Classic)D8SNGJ
Captain RexMW3QYH
Captain TyphoGD6FX3
Chancellor Palpatine5C62YQ
Chewbacca (Classic)66UU3T
Clone PilotHQ7BVD
Clone Shadow Trooper (Classic)7GFNCQ
Clone TrooperNP5GTT
Commander Bly7CB6NS
Commander CodySMN259
Commander FilU25HFC
Commander PondsJRPR2A
Commando DroidQEGU64
Commando Stone5XZQSV
Count DookuEWR7WM
Darth Maul (Classic)QH68AK
Darth Sidius (Classic)QXY5XN
Darth Vader (Classic)FM4JB7
Darth Vader Battle Damaged (Classic)NMJFBL
Dr. Nuvo VindiMB9EMW
Gammorean GuardWSFZZQ
General Grievous7FNU4T
Geonosian GuardGAFZUD
Gold Super Battle Droid2C8NHP
Gonk DroidC686PK
Grand Moff TarkinNH2405
Greedo (Classic)FUW4C2
Han Solo (Classic)KFDBXF
Heavy Super Battle DroidG65KJJ
Heavy Weapons Clone TrooperWXUTWY
Hondo Hohnaka5A7XYX
Imperial Guard (Classic)5W6FGD
Jango Fett5KZQ4D
Jar Jar BinksMESPTS
Kit FitsoPYWJ6N
Lando Calrissian (Classic)ERAEWE
LEP Servent DroidSM3Y9B
Lieutenant Thire3NEUXC
Luke Skywalker (Classic)PG73HF
Luminara UunduliMKUYQ8
Lurman VillagerR35Y7N
Luxury DroidV4WMJN
Mace Windu8NVRWJ
Nahdar VebbZKXG43
Nute GunrayQFYXMC
Obi-Wan KenobiJ9HNF9
Obi-Wan Kenobi (Classic)FFBU5M
Obi-Wan Kenobi (Geonosian Arena)5U9FJK
Onaconda FarrDB7ZQN
Padme Amidala (Geonosian Arena)SZ824Q
Padme Amildala8X87U6
Pirate RuffianBH2EHU
Plo KoonBUD4VU
Poggle The Lesser4592WM
Princess Leia (Classic)2D3D3L
Queen NeeyutneeZQRN85
Qui-Gon Jinn (Classic)LKHD3B
Rebel Commando (Classic)PZMQNK
Savage OpressMELL07
Senate CommandoEPBPLK
Senate Commando (Republic)S4Y7VW
Senator KharrusEA4E9S
Senator Philo9Q7YCT
Shahan AlamaG4N7C2
Sionver Boll5C62YQ
Stormtrooper (Classic)HPE7PZ
Super Battle DroidMJKDV5
Tee Watt KaaFYVSHD
Turk FalsoHEBHW5
Tuscan Raider (Classic)GC2XSA
Undead GeonosianQGENFD
Vader's Apprentice (Classic)EGQQ4V
Wat TamborZP8XVH
Wedge Antilles (Classic)DRGLWS
Whorm Loathsom4VVYQV
Workout Clone TrooperMP9DRE

Bonus characters

Collect all 10 Minikit pieces in the indicated level to unlock the corresponding character for purchase at the Minikit Room:

    Admiral Ackbar: Gungun General
    Boba Fett: Grievous Intrigue
    Captain Antilles: Innocents Of Ryloth
    Chewbacca: The Zillo Beast
    Clone Shadow Trooper: Blue Shadow Virus
    Darth Maul: Rookies
    Darth Sidious: Geonosian Arena
    Darth Vader: Legacy Of Terror
    Darth Vader (Battle Damaged): Ambush!
    Greedo: The Hidden Enemy
    Han Solo: Duel Of The Droids
    Imperial Guard: Castle Of Doom
    Lando Calrissian: Shadow Of Malevolence
    Luke Skywalker: Weapons Factory
    Obi-Wan Kenobi (Episode IV): Jedi Crash
    Princess Leia: Battle Of Geonosis
    Qui-Gon Jinn: Storm Over Ryloth
    Rebel Commando: Lair Of Grievous
    Stormtrooper: Liberty On Ryloth
    Tusken Raider: Hostage Crisis
    Vader's Apprentice: Defenders Of Peace
    Wedge Antilles: Destroy Malevolence


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Time to take the capital (10 points): Complete Innocents of Ryloth.
    Liberation! (10 points): Complete Liberty on Ryloth.
    Tank 'n' Spank (10 points): Complete Weapons Factory.
    We live to fight another day (10 points): Complete Grievous Intrigue.
    That's no moon (10 points): Complete Battle of Geonosis.
    You can have my ship! (10 points): Complete Storm Over Ryloth.
    Zillo Tolerance (10 points): Complete Zillo Beast.
    Impressive, most impressive (100 points): Complete the game to 100% (Single Player Only)
    A presence I've not felt since (70 points): Collect all the minikits. (Single Player Only)
    Another bug hunt (10 points): Complete Legacy of Terror.
    What a Rotta! (10 points): Complete Castle of Doom.
    Sure, as long as I get paid (10 points): Complete Hostage Crisis.
    Me'sa rescued you (10 points): Complete Gungan General.
    Are all Jedi so reckless? (10 points): Complete Jedi Crash.
    There goes my promotion (10 points): Complete Defenders of Peace.
    This is just the beginning! (10 points): Complete Geonosian Arena.
    The pleasure is all mine my dear (10 points): Complete The Hidden Enemy.
    Okay clankers, suck lasers! (10 points): Complete Ambush.
    Abandon ship! (10 points): Complete Destroy Malevolence.
    R6 take me home (10 points): Complete Lair of Grievous.
    Not so tough now are ya Sparky? (10 points): Complete Rookies.
    Oops. What happened? (10 points): Complete Blue Shadow Virus.
    Follow me, boys! (10 points): Complete Duel of the Droids.
    Torpedoes away! (10 points): Complete Shadow of Malevolence.
    Jedi Master (70 points): True Jedi in every level. (Single Player Only)
    Cheat! (70 points): Collect all Red Power Bricks. (Single Player Only)
    Stealth wealth (70 points): Collect all Gold bricks. (Single Player Only)
    Jango's army! (50 points): Unlock/purchase all 'Clone' characters. (Single Player Only)
    Clanker collector (50 points): Unlock/purchase all 'Droid' characters. (Single Player Only)
    The dark side I sense in you (50 points): Free all villains from the Resolute brig. (Single Player Only)
    Viceroy of the fleet (30 points): Convert every system to CIS. (Single Player Only)
    Admiral of the fleet (30 points): Convert every system to the Republic. (Single Player Only)
    Isn't negotiation the Jedi way? (20 points): Complete all Bounty missions. (Single Player Only)
    Saberang Master (10 points): Use Yoda to defeat 5 enemies with one lightsaber throw.

Additionally, there are 14 secret achievements:

    Finders Keepers (10 points): Hijack 20 enemy units in Ground Battles.
    Great shot kid (10 points): Destroy an enemy building with a proton torpedo
    It ain't like dusting crops boy (10 points): Complete: 5 Loop the loops, 5 Back flips, 5 corkscrews.
    Blending in (10 points): Have all your party members disguised as Senate Commandos in Hostage Crisis. (Story mode only)
    They'll never see us coming (20 points): Win 3 consecutive Arcade Mode Battles.
    Attack of the clones! (10 points): Deploy 500 Clones.
    Land-o Calrissian (10 points): On a flying level, land a space ship whilst controlling Lando Calrissian.
    Got a bad feeling about this (10 points): Land on the Invisible Hand.
    Field commander (10 points): Using the Radio ability, command troops 50 times.
    The Force is with you (10 points): Complete a story level without dying (and no invincibility cheat).
    We really did say no prisoners (10 points): Destroy 100 Droids with the Clone Chain-gun.
    UH OH! (20 points): Using the Force, take control of a Super Battle Droid and destroy 50 other Droids.
    Goldie Blocks (10 points): Overheat and destroy 50 gold LEGO bricks.
    Twice the pride, double the fall (10 points): Defeat Anakin with Count Dooku.
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