Luxor 2


Challenge Of Horus

Successfully complete Single Player mode on the Expert difficulty to unlock Challenge Of Horus.


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    12 Gates of Luxor Temple (14 points): Match 12 or more spheres with a single shot.
    5 Days of Thoth (15 points): Put together 5 chain reactions.
    Life! Health! Prosperity! (15 points): Complete a level without losing a life.
    Feather of Ma'at (15 points): Complete Adventure Mode on the Easy difficulty level.
    Pharaoh's Treasury (16 points): Collect 100 pieces of gems and jewelry.
    Royal Sharpshooter (16 points): Complete a level with 100% accuracy.
    Golden Ankh Coin (16 points): Collect 15 or more coins in a single level.
    Horns of Hathor (17 points): Complete Adventure Mode on the Normal difficulty.
    Glory of Osiris (18 points): Achieve a perfect rating on all bonus rounds.
    Magic of Isis (19 points): Complete Adventure Mode on the Expert difficulty level.
    Challenge of Horus (19 points): Complete the Challenge of Horus.
    Pharaoh of the Two Lands (20 points): Earn the play rank of Pharaoh of the Two Lands.
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