Make It Rain

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Self made (5 points): Buy a Paper route.
    Entrepeneur (5 points): Buy a Cigarette Factory.
    Fortune scratcher (5 points): Buy a Strip mine.
    Great Tycoon (20 points): Invest on Cryogenic Brain Storage.
    Nouveau riche (5 points): Make your first million.
    Nine figures (10 points): Make your first billion.
    Rockefeller (20 points): Make your first BB.
    Wealthy absent (5 points): Collect 5M from your filled bucket.
    Influent (10 points): Reach level 10 on Elect Robot President.
    Make it drizzle (5 points): Reach a 500 rate per second.
    Make it shower (10 points): Reach a 50 B rate per second.
    Make it flood (20 points): Reach a 500 MB rate per second.
    Celebrity (5 points): Connect to Facebook.
    Fast finger (10 points): Swipe 170 bills in 30 seconds.

Additionally, there are six secret achievements:

    Informer (10 points): Reach level 3 on NSA collaborator.
    Untouchable (5 points): Get 5 miracles.
    Hopeless (10 points): Get guilty 10 times.
    Greedy (5 points): Swipe 10,000 times.
    Erased fingerprints (15 points): Swipe 100,000 times.
    Bee lover (20 points): Get Honey laundering and Electronic apiary.
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