Marathon: Durandal
Level select

Hold the Command + Option buttons and select "Begin New Game". Then, type the level number and select. This works on all Marathon maps, and Marathon 2 and Marathon Infinity as well.

Marathon logo Gamerpic

Accomplish the "11th Clan of the S'pht" achievement to unlock the Marathon logo Gamerpic.

Vidmaster Gamerpic

Accomplish the the "VidMaster" achievement to unlock the Vidmaster Gamerpic.


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    SEVEN (7 points): Get seven fist kills in the game.
    Bob-B-Q (14 points): They're Everywhere!
    11th Clan of the S'pht (27 points): Venture into the Citadel and learn the secrets of the S'pht.
    Pfhor the Win (42 points): Complete the Single player game in any difficulty.
    Tastes Like Chicken (10 points): Get 20 Tozt-7 kills in a Multiplayer game.
    Pfhor Score and Seven Years Ago (10 points): Win a Multiplayer game.
    I'm Invincible! (10 points): Kill an invincible opponent with the Fusion Pistol in a Multiplayer game.
    Make Someone Pay (10 points): Get 20 Rocket Launcher kills in a Multiplayer game.
    Bigger Guns Nearby (14 points): Find the Assault Rifle in a Single player or Co-Op Game, it will let you kill more Pfhor.
    Hats off to 819 (21 points): The secret of 2401 lies within.
    VidMaster (35 points): I give no secrets.
    World Domination (0 points): You want to join the 7th Column?
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