Marlow Briggs And The Mask Of Death

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Forged In Fire (15 points): Defeat the Fire boss.
    Train Ride (10 points): Survive train-cart ride.
    Waterpark (10 points): Solve the water puzzle.
    Lost Treasure (10 points): Gain entry to treasure room.
    Squid Sushi (15 points): Defeat the Water boss.
    Engineer (10 points): Solve the temple puzzle.
    Flyboy (10 points): Fly across the chasm.
    Blown Away (15 points): Defeat the Air boss.
    Down Boy (15 points): Defeat HellHound.
    There Can Be Only One (20 points): Complete the game on any difficulty.
    Leveling Up (10 points): Earn upgrade point and spend it.
    The Chosen One (25 points): Complete the game on Hardcore difficulty.
    Mind over Matter (15 points): Kill enemy with each magic.
    Master Of Arms (10 points): Kill enemy with each weapon.
    Personal Touch (10 points): Execute an enemy.
    Stumbling Block (10 points): Knock enemy off ledge into their falling death.
    Return to Sender (10 points): Kill enemy with deflected projectile.
    Achiever (10 points): Get your first achievement.
    Enviromental Hazard (10 points): Kill enemy with enviromental objects (fire, barrel, ...).
    Danger Above (10 points): Kill enemy with air combo.
    Immovable Object (10 points): Block enemy attack.
    Gravity Off (20 points): Launch enemy and kill it before it falls on ground.
    Dead Eye (20 points): Destroy 10 enemies using only spirit knives.
    Glider (20 points): Glide for more than 6 seconds.
    Gotta Love Gore (10 points): Perform a 50-hit combo.
    Skip Master (20 points): Skip all cutscenes in one play through.
    Patience (15 points): Watch all credits.
    Just One Of Many (10 points): Find a collectible.
    Collector (25 points): Find all collectibles in one play through.
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