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Bonus Dashboard theme

Successfully complete the game to unlock a Premium Dashboard theme.

Bonus Gamerpics

Successfully complete the "Crash Site" level to unlock Gamerpic 1. Successfully complete the "Dirtlands" level to unlock Gamerpic 2.


Stay connected to Maw. Let him run in front of you while approaching a mini-turret. Because it will shoot at Maw first, you now have a shield to let Frank reach the turret faster.

Finding ships

To find any of the ships that are shackling Maw, go back to Maw, and follow the laser leashes to each ship.

Points of interest

The little blue fireflies will swarm in places with things of interest.

Snuffle locations

Snufffles can be found at the following locations:

    Crash Site: There is another giant grey rock on the opposite side of the large area containing the three fire plants. You can use your leash to move it out of the way. Follow the now exposed path to where a Snuffle is grazing.

    Bulb Valley: Immediately turn around when the level begins. Pull the giant grey rock out of the way to reveal a Snuffle trapped in a cage from the crashed Bounty Hunter ship. After Maw has eaten the Queen Bulbos and transformed into the energizing Maw, use the new ability to shock a Meeba worm. Take it back to the caged Snuffle. Hit the cage with the energized Meeba to disarm the cage.

    ChainDown: After Maw gets the fire ability, burn the two fire plants blocking the secret path in the floor level canyon to find a Snuffle.

    Dirtlands: Get the Pufftor balloon abilities. Enter the grey rock and water section past the mushrooms. There is an air duct blowing air to the left. Use it to reach another air stream that will blow you onto a small plateau where a Snuffle is trapped in a Bounty Hunter cage. Use the Maw's slam ability to break the cage.

    Looferland: After Frank is riding Maw with the Loofer's laser abilities, shoot and destroy the large crashed ship section next to the green path leading to the next level area. You will now see an impact crater where a Snuffle is trapped in a cage.

    Mesas: There is an air duct near the sensor tower. Get the Pufftor balloon abilities, then jump up onto a ledge above the air duct. Use Maw's slam ability to get the Snuffle out of its cage.

    Beetull Smash: Get the Beetull abilities. There is a rock platform stranding in the middle of the open area at the third section where you are blocked by another red gate. Make Beetull Maw charge and ram that platform. This will launch the Snuffle that was on top of the platform down to the ground.

    Planet Maw: None.


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    All Growed Up (10 points): Help Maw grow for the first time.
    Destroyer of Yums (10 points): Find and eat 200 Yums.
    Energize (20 points): With the Bulbous power, electrify at least 50 objects and/or creatures.
    Eyes of the Beloofer (20 points): With the Loofer power, laser at least 125 objects and/or creatures.
    Time for BBQ (20 points): With the Gastro power, flame at least 150 objects and/or creatures.
    You're totally MAWESOME! (20 points): Complete the entire game.
    Hard-Headed (20 points): With the Beetull power, ram at least 50 objects and/or creatures.
    That's Just Gross (10 points): Find and eat all the Snuffles.
    Little Planet of Horrors (20 points): Get 100% Eaten in each level.
    Tastes Like Snot (10 points): Find and eat 30 Gloobers.
    Ground and Pound (20 points): With the Puff-Tor power, smash at least 50 objects and/or creatures.
    Six Meals a Day (20 points): Play during Maw's six meal times: Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Dunch, Dinner, and Midnight Feast.

The following achievement requires the "Brute Force" bonus downloadable content:

    Brute Force (15 points): Get 100% Eaten and Eat the Snuffle in Brute Force.

The following achievement requires the "River Redirect" bonus downloadable content:

    River Redirect (15 points): Get 100% Eaten and Eat the Snuffle in River Redirect.

The following achievement requires the "Speeder Lane" bonus downloadable content:

    Speeder Lane (20 points): Get 100% Eaten and Eat the Snuffle in Speeder Lane.
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