3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures
Easy scoring

If you take too many shots in a single player tournament, simply exit the tournament to the main menu. Then select "Single Player", "Continue Tournament" and you will restart that hole without compromising your score. Just retry that hole until you are satisfied with your score.

Medal locations

Old West

    Graveyard (Traveler mode): Behind you at the start of the level.

    Barrel Blast (Traveler mode): Behind the shed with the dynamite that shoots you to the upper level.

    Dead Man's Creek (Explorer mode): Behind the half moon block that you aim at from the start of the level.

    Water Tower (Explorer mode): Hit your ball into the base of the water tower. It will shoot you up to the top then drop you into the hole and past the medal in the process. It is about a 50% power shot if you are on the tee.


    Skeeball (Traveler mode): It is in-between the three holes you aim for in skeeball.

    Spinner (Traveler mode): Land in the spinner with the right arrow. You will bounce down the stairs to the right and get the medal in the process.

    Bump n' Run (Explorer mode): It is on the spine of the second bump past the hole. Take your time to get it; the wind blowers make it a bit challenging.

    Rolling Tube (Explorer mode): It is on the curve around the back end of the level. It is very difficult to get from the tee. You can just putt back up the slope from the lower level to get it.

Outer Space

    Teleporter (Traveler mode): It is in the teleporter in the center of the level.

    Rocketman (Traveler mode): Putt your ball into the crater below the medal.

    Tubular (Explorer mode): Go into either the left or right tube from the tee (center tube will make a hole in one). Make your way down to the hole, and on the left side of the hole there is another tube you can travel back up to get the medal.

    Space Bar (Explorer mode): There is an air jet that shoots you to the hole; it is the last hole on the Outer Space course. It is right behind the exhaust vent.


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Master Groundsman (10 points): Create a hole with the editor.
    Rookie Adventurer (20 points): Complete Prarie dogs, Gopher Smack and Planetoid holes in tournament.
    Seasoned Swinger (20 points): Complete Traveler and Explorer course in level par or better.
    Master Traveler (20 points): Complete Traveler Course in 4 under par or better.
    Master Explorer (20 points): Complete Explorer Course in 5 under par or better.
    Carnival Treasure Hunter (10 points): Collect all medals in Classic Carnival.
    Old West Treasure Hunter (10 points): Collect all medals in Old West.
    OuterSpace Treasure Hunter (10 points): Collect all medals in OuterSpace.
    Open Champion (20 points): Win an online multiplayer game.
    Host with the Most (20 points): Host three online games.
    Ace (20 points): Make 6 holes in 1 on Traveler of Explorer Course.
    Minigolf Adventurer (20 points): Complete Traveler and Explorer courses in 12 under par.
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