MLB Stickball

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Vandal (5 points): Break any window for an out.
    Retire the Side (5 points): Go three up, three down in an inning.
    Patriot (10 points): Hit a home run in Boston.
    Pro Team (10 points): Collect a full team of pros.
    Grand Slam! (10 points): Hit a grand slam.
    Skill is All You Need (20 points): Win a ranked match with a team of amateurs.
    Shut'em Down (20 points): Throw a no hitter in a ranked match.
    Cycle (20 points): Hit for the cycle with one player in tour mode.
    Wagon Wheel (20 points): Hit the wheel on the barn in St. Louis.
    For Three! (20 points): Hit the basketball rim in Chicago.
    Card Collector (30 points): Collect all 120 MLB baseball cards.
    Water Tower (30 points): Hit the water tower in Brooklyn.
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