MotionSports: Adrenaline

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Motion Sickness (10 points): Use Adrenaline Boost 4 times in any one race.
    Adrenaline License (5 points): Complete your first race in any event.
    Risky Bidness (10 points): Successfully take the inside lane for all turns on a Mountain Bike track.
    Trick Hop (10 points): Score over 50,000 points from tricks in a Mountain Bike track.
    Tailgater (25 points): Perform 10 Speed Boosts & win a two player Speed Freak Mountain Bike race.
    Clean Slate (25 points): Complete all 3 Wingsuit tracks without hitting an obstacle.
    Window Cleaner (10 points): Wave off 20 weapon attacks in the Wingsuit event.
    Windbreaker (10 points): Use an Adrenaline Boost in a wind zone in the Wingsuit Event.
    License To Spill (10 points): Nail your opponent with a weapon twice in the same Kite Surf race.
    Hot Dog (10 points): Perform 3 tricks in a single Kite Surf race.
    Bullseye (25 points): Hit 8 speed rings on the Kite Surf Moonlight Bay track in one run.
    Arachnosapien (10 points): Climb up 10 handholds in 20 seconds in Mountain Climbing.
    Hardheaded (10 points): Use Adrenaline Power to protect yourself from falling rocks in Mountain Climbing.
    It's Better on "Vine"yl (25 points): Spend a total of 1 minute swinging from vines in Mountain Climbing.
    Back in One Piece (10 points): Finish any Kayak track hitting no more than five rocks, banks or roll obstacles.
    Wet Behind the Ears (10 points): Roll for a total of 500 meters in the Kayak event.
    Row your Boat (25 points): Row constantly for 30 seconds in the Kayak event.
    Rail to the Chief (10 points): Perform 3 tricks off of rails in a single Skiing track.
    Trickster (10 points): Jump, trick & land perfectly on 5 ramps in a single Skiing track.
    Challenging (10 points): Post a challenge.
    Stuck with it (25 points): Win a challenge.
    What's Yours is Mine... (10 points): Own a challenge.
    Overachiever (25 points): Post 10 challenges.
    Build to Last (25 points): Win 5 challenges.
    Competitive Streak (25 points): Own 5 challenges.
    Friendly Competition (10 points): Own a friend's challenge.
    Better the Devil you Know (25 points): Win a friend's challenge.
    What's Mine Is Mine (25 points): Take back a challenge that you posted.
    Just in Time (25 points): Own a challenge in its final minutes.
    Vidi Veni Vici (10 points): Own a challenge launched from the Challenge Hub.
    Boarding Pass (50 points): Unlock all tracks in the game.
    The Completionist (100 points): Unlock everything in the game.
    Frequent Flyer (10 points): Race on every track in every event.
    Sampler (10 points): Play all game modes in one event.
    What's Next? (25 points): Earn a gold medal in all relay, coop and single player modes in one event.
    Silver Rush (50 points): Earn a silver medal in all relay, coop and single player modes in all events.
    Midas Touch (100 points): Earn a gold medal in all relay, coop and single player modes in all events.
    Solid Gold (100 points): Earn a gold medal in every round in Adrenaline Party mode.
    Party's Over (10 points): Complete an Adrenaline Party.
    Let's Have a Party (10 points): Team up with 3 friends to play Adrenaline Party mode.
    Helping Hand (25 points): Play every co-op and relay event.
    One-sided (10 points): Play 25 competitive two player events.
    Poetry in Motion (25 points): Finish 1 relay race without missing a single hand-off.
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