Motorcycle Club

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Street Hawk (5 points): Fill the Turbo bar and then use it all in one go without hitting anything.
    Are we almost there? (5 points): Unlock the Rookie Championship.
    A long way to go (15 points): Unlock the Junior Championship.
    Hang in there! (15 points): Unlock the Standard Championship.
    Good start (30 points): Unlock the Regulars' Championship.
    Halfway line (30 points): Unlock the Veterans' Championship.
    Keep it up! (40 points): Unlock the Seniors' Championship.
    Victory is within reach (40 points): Unlock the Aces' Championship.
    Nearly there! (50 points): Unlock the Champions' Championship.
    The best club! (50 points): Unlock the Victors' Championship.
    Short and sweet (60 points): Unlock the Victors' Championship in at most 70 races.
    What? More? (40 points): Earn at least 150,000 Kudos in the tournament.
    Sponsored (15 points): Finish all the game missions at least once.
    Constructors' pet (15 points): Finish all the constructors' challenges.
    Collector (5 points): Own 10 different motorcycles.
    The King of shopping (15 points): Buy all of the game's motorcycles.
    It's a start (5 points): Win 5 gold medals.
    Gold bug (10 points): Win 10 gold medals.
    Gold rush (10 points): Win 20 gold medals.
    Nice collection (20 points): Win 50 gold medals.
    Prodigy (40 points): Win 80 gold medals.
    Perfectionist (60 points): Win 119 gold medals.
    Jackpot (10 points): Earn at least 3,000 credits at the end of a race.
    That much?! (20 points): Earn at least 5,000 credits at the end of a race.
    Golden Boy (10 points): Earn at least 300,000 credits.
    I want more! (20 points): Earn at least 600,000 credits.
    Easy does it (10 points): Earn at least 200,000 points at the end of a race.
    Stuntman (30 points): Earn at least 400,000 points at the end of a race.
    Fashionista (5 points): Customize your clothing once.
    Have you seen my helmet? (5 points): Customize your helmets once.
    Could do better (20 points): Earn at least 100,000 points with one combo.
    Not bad... (50 points): Earn at least 200,000 points with one combo.
    I'm back! (10 points): Finish a race at least one lap ahead of an opponent.
    By a nose (20 points): Finish a race less than 0.1 s ahead of an opponent.
    Ace (10 points): Finish first in the two rankings of a race.
    Can't get worse (5 points): Finish a race in last place in the two rankings.
    Comeback (10 points): Have at least 10 accidents and still be the fastest in the race.
    Record holder (40 points): Complete a time trial on each of the game's circuits.
    Balancing act (10 points): Do a wheelie for 100 metres.
    Combo breaker (20 points): Reach the X10 multiplier.
    Is that all? (10 points): Finish 25 laps in a row in the same race.
    Glory beckons (10 points): Finish 5 online races.
    National pride (15 points): Finish 10 online races.
    Continental star (15 points): Finish 25 online races.
    World famous (15 points): Finish 50 online races.
    We have a winner! (10 points): Finish an online race in first place.
    We have a champion! (15 points): Come first in 5 online races in a row.
    Enthusiast (10 points): Reach at least 180 minutes of race time.
    Marathon (10 points): Reach at least 360 minutes of race time.
    Over-connected (10 points): Reach at least 60 minutes of online race time.
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