Mr. Driller Online

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Amateur Yankee Driller (5 points): Complete the America Stage [500m].
    Pro Mummy Driller (10 points): Complete the Egypt Stage [1,000m].
    King of Moscow Drillers (15 points): Complete the Russia Stage [3,000m].
    God of Arctic Drillers (25 points): Dig 5,000m in the North Pole Stage.
    Brainy Quest Genius (20 points): Complete 10 consecutive Quests.
    Lifesaving Air Maestro (5 points): Obtain 50 Air Capsules.
    Tireless Block Destroyer (15 points): Drill 5,000 Blocks.
    Continuous Chain Linker (25 points): Chain 30 Blocks in a row.
    Fighting Battle Warrior (15 points): Win 10 consecutive Solo Battles.
    Friendly Tag Champion (15 points): Win 10 consecutive Tag Battles.
    Supreme Point Master (20 points): Beat the opposing team in Tag Battle by 200,000 points.
    Infinite Drilling Conqueror (30 points): Win 20 consecutive Solo and Tag Battles.
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