Mutant Storm Reloaded
Cheat mode

While controlling your character, press A + X to advance to the next level and become invincible. Note: You cannot earn any achievements while using this code.


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get Gamerscore points:

    2x Multiplier: Get a 2x multiplier.
    4x Multiplier: Get a 4x multiplier.
    Adventure Mode Completed: Successfully complete level 89 in Adventure mode.
    Black Belt Grandmaster: Successfully complete all levels in Adventure mode on the Black Belt difficulty.
    Tally Mode Completed: Successfully complete level 89 in Tally mode.
    Black Belt: Reach the Black Belt difficulty.
    Blue Belt: Reach the Blue Belt difficulty.
    Brown Belt: Reach the Brown Belt difficulty.
    Green Belt: Reach the Green Belt difficulty.
    Orange Belt: Reach the Orange Belt difficulty.
    Purple Belt: Reach the Purple Belt difficulty.
    Yellow Belt: Reach the Yellow Belt difficulty.
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