Bonus chapters

Successfully complete all fifty single player episodes to unlock ten bonus chapters. The new chapters will not appear on the leaderboards and cannot be played in Multiplayer mode.

Bonus Gamerpic

Successfully complete the ten bonus episodes to unlock an N+ Gamerpic featuring a jumping black ninja with a red headband.


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Complete 15 Episodes (10 points): Complete 15 Single Player episodes.
    Complete 30 Episodes (15 points): Complete 30 Single Player episodes.
    Complete 40 Episodes (20 points): Complete 40 Single Player episodes.
    Complete all 50 Episodes (25 points): Complete all 50 Single Player episodes.
    Complete 5 Co-op Episodes (15 points): Complete 5 co-op episodes.
    Complete 10 Co-op Episodes (15 points): Complete 10 co-op episodes.
    Speed Demon (20 points): Win 10 races in ranked online matches.
    Survivalist (20 points): Win 10 survival games in ranked online matches.
    Disciple (5 points): Complete one tutorial episode.
    Perfectionist (20 points): Complete an episode without dying in Single Player mode.
    Treasure Hunter (20 points): Complete an episode and obtain every gold piece in Single Player mode.

Additionally, there is one secret achievement:

    Practice Makes Perfect (15 points): Die 1,000 times in single player mode.
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