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Cheat mode

Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Infinite turboHelmet, NFL Logo, Goal Posts
Faster passesHelmet, NFL Logo, NFL Logo
Power offenseHelmet, Foam Finger, Helmet
Power defenseGoal Posts, Whistle, Goal Posts
Bigfoot playerHeadset, Headset, Headset
Bigfoot teamYard Marker, EA Logo, EA Logo
Cheesehead playerNFL Logo, Goal Post, NFL Logo
Cheesehead teamGoal Post, EA Logo, Goal Post
Clown playerNFL Logo, Helmet, NFL Logo
Clown teamHeadset, EA Logo, Helmet
Cowboy playerHeadset, Foam Finger, Headset
Cowboy teamGoalpost, Yard Marker, Goalpost
Gladiator playerFoam Finger, Whistle, Foam Finger
Gladiator TeamHelmet, NFL Logo, Yard Marker
Horse playerNFL Logo, Yard Marker, NFL Logo
Horse teamFoam Finger, Football, Foam Finger
Hot Dog playerNFL Logo, Football, NFL Logo
Hot Dog teamFoam Finger, Headset, Foam Finger
Lion playerFoam Finger, EA Logo, Foam Finger
Lion teamHeadset, Goalpost, Headset
Ninja playerFoam Finger, Yard Marker, Foam Finger
Ninja teamFootball, NFL Logo, Football
Pirate playerNFL Logo, Foam Finger, NFL Logo
Pirate teamHelmet, Headset, Helmet
Zombie playerNFL Logo, Whistle, NFL Logo
Zombie teamGoal Post, Foam Finger, Goal Post

Hide play selection

Move to the top left corner of the play selection screen and press Up(2), then select a play and it will not be highlighted.

Easy "Safety Dance" achievement

Use the Right Analog-stick to dance in your own end zone while getting tackled to get the "Safety Dance" achievement.


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Big Fish, Small Pond (10 points): Get your Blitz Team into the Local Elite Battle Board.
    Movin' On Up (10 points): Get your Blitz Team into the Regional Elite Battle Board.
    Hail To the King, Baby! (20 points): Beat the National Elite Battle Board using a Blitz Team.
    Local Celebrity (10 points): Get into the Head to Head Local Elite Battle Board.
    Tristate Triumph (10 points): Get into the Head to Head Regional Elite Battle Board.
    Nation Domination (20 points): Beat the Head to Head National Elite Battle Board.
    Winners Can Be Choosers (10 points): Purchase all Pro Players.
    Stack the Deck (10 points): Purchase all Ultimate Players.
    Buy the Power of Grayskull (10 points): Purchase all Ultimate Power Ups.
    Yoink! (20 points): Win a Risk and Reward game.
    Monster Squad (20 points): Unlock all Fantasy Characters (Lead profile only).
    En Fuego (5 points): Catch on fire three times during a single game (Lead profile only).
    Double Down (5 points): Double pass for a touchdown (Lead profile only).
    Squibittydoo! (5 points): Recover an on-side kick (Lead profile only).
    BRAAAAINSSSSSS! (5 points): Ride the back of an on fire WR with the zombie fantasy character (Lead profile only).
    Goin' Beast Mode (5 points): Break three tackles in a row (Lead profile only).
    Fast Fingers (5 points): Enter 10 unique cheats in one Play Now or Blitz Gauntlet game by one user (Lead profile only).
    I'm a Wizard! (5 points): Trigger every power up (Lead profile only).
    I Know Kung Fu (5 points): Knock down a player with the Ninja fantasy character's jump kick hurdle (Lead profile only).

Additionally, there is one secret achievement:

    Safety Dance (10 points): Do a celebration dance in your own endzone and get tackled for a safety.
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