Supernova mode

Successfully complete the game to unlock Supernova mode.

Hot Dog car

In Level 2 in Career mode, jump to the blue orb to unlock the Hot Dog car in Free Play mode. Try to get to the orb by jumping from one of the side ramps and not by using the boost tunnels.


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Devastate (15 points): Win a Wrecking Ball event without being wasted. Unlock in Arcade Challenge.
    Navigate (15 points): Win a Beacon Blast and get 7 Beacons in a row. Unlock in Arcade Challenge.
    Transcend (15 points): Win a Human Race a lap ahead. Unlock in Arcade Challenge.
    Evasion (15 points): Win a Hounded event without anybody else being The Hounded. Unlock in Arcade Challenge.
    Endurance (15 points): Win a Survivor event with maximum health. Unlock in Arcade Challenge.
    Cohesion (15 points): Win a Bot Hunt without a Bot ever getting a shot at you. Unlock in Arcade Challenge.
    Momentum (5 points): Successfully negotiate a loop-the-loop.
    Ascend (20 points): Reach 200m above the ground.
    Augment (20 points): Find all hidden pickups to win all the secret cars.
    Velocity (20 points): Travel at over 350mph.
    Supremacy (20 points): Finish career mode.
    Dominion (25 points): Finish SuperNova mode.
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