Orc Attack: Flatulent Rebellion

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Orc One (10 points): Win a multiplayer mission (local or online).
    Orc Warrior (10 points): Kill 100 enemies.
    Orc Helper (10 points): Bring back to life 1 Orc warrior killed in combat.
    Untouchable Orc (20 points): Complete a level without taking any damage.
    Master Muck Award (20 points): Prevent Master Muck from taking any damage in one of the escort levels.
    Great Orc Warrior (20 points): Kill 1000 enemies.
    Orc Master (30 points): Hit 1000 enemies without being touched by them.
    Lazy Orc (30 points): One of the Orcs must complete a full level without moving more than 3 consecutive steps.
    Millonaire Orc (30 points): Collect 300 coins in one combat level.
    Fashion Orc (40 points): Wear all the hats, helmets and masks.
    Expert Orc (40 points): Reach experience Level 15.
    Orc Hero (40 points): Kill the Mad Man.
    Black Stone (50 points): Collect all the Black Stones.
    Nightmare Orc (50 points): Kill the Mad Man in Nightmare mode.
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