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Dark Agent mode

Successfully complete the game on Perfect Agent mode to unlock Dark Agent mode.

Infinite ammunition for plasma gun and rocket launcher

If you have a plasma gun or rocket launcher, get on the gunner position on a hovercraft and press Y once to swap it with the M60. You should now have unlimited ammunition for whichever you choose to put on the hovercraft. This trick can also be used to get a free M60 on a level that does not normally have one.

Easy weapons

When one player has gotten a weapon that another desires, go to Club: Stakeout on Agent mode. Drop that player's weapon to a second player. Have any one of those players continue through the level normally. If done correctly, the new player can have the weapons in less than three minutes. The faster way through the level is to run in the club after the first objective is complete unarmed, and rush to the very top to Jack Dark.

Weapon locations

The following is a list by level of all the weapons and where to find them. Note: The first and last level do not count for getting weapons. To get a weapon to keep for later use, keep it in your inventory at the end of the level. This is also useful with the "Easy Weapons" trick. These weapons were all acquired on Agent mode.

Datacore: Demolition

    P9P (Pistol): You start with this gun.

Nightclub: Stakeout

    DEF-12 Shotgun (Close Combat): Find on the enforcer in the beginning (after you scan him).

    Falcon (Pistol): Found on almost any guards, such as the first two.

    Frag Grenade (Thrown): Hidden behind a vent in the basement. The stairs leading down are located in the back right corner of the nightclub from the front door. After you have gone down the stairs there should be two vent coverings. Break them and get the grenade.

    UGL Liberator (SMG): Found on the guard on the third floor. He should have two of them.

Subway: Retrieval

    CMP-150 (SMG): Found on some guards.

    DW-P5 (SMG): Found in the only open storage crate after you have gone through the parking garage.

Rooftops: Escape

    Jackal (Heavy): Found on the sniper if you did not shoot it off the building. The easiest way is to put away any weapon you have (Up) and use disarm (RB).

    M60 (Heavy): Found once you get to the fire doors. Go past the fire doors and lock pick the door. It should be standing atop an artillery box next to the guard.

Mansion: Infiltration

    Magsec 4 (Pistol): Found on all guards at the beginning of the level.

    Viblade (Close Combat): Found once you get in the mansion. It is standing on a pedestal in the middle of the laser maze.

Laboratory: Rescue

    KSI-74 (Assault): Found on almost all blue guards.

    Magnum (Pistol): Found on the yellow suited guards that come once the alarm is triggered.

River: Extraction

    Rocket Launcher (Heavy): It is recommended to get this weapon when in Co-Op mode, as it is quite difficult to get. Once you get outside, open the gate and kill the guards. On the hovercraft that you take, press Y when by the gunner to switch for another heavy weapon (M60 and Plasma Rifle only).

Trinity: Infiltration

    Combat Shield (Close Combat): Found on one of the guards after you picked up Dr. Carrol. There are two guards once you find the round walkway the leads to the lower level.

    Hawk Boomerang (Thrown): Found in one of the boxes in the beginning of the level. This is easier to get after you have picked up the X-Ray goggles in the weapon cases to the left once you start.

Trinity: Escape

    Psychosis Gun (Pistol): Found on most scientists throughout the level.

Jungle: Storm

    RCP-90 (SMG): You can find this either on the assaulting guards or atop of boxes by the left wall. Try using this on that level every time you play. Secondary (RB) makes an outline of red around your enemy, with the lost of some accuracy.

Temple: Surveillance

    Frag Grenade (Thrown): Found on some of the guards. This may be difficult to find.

    Laptop Gun (Assault): Found on one of the two guards after you have gone down two levels. If one of the guards plants one, reprogram and pickup. It should say reprogram once you get close to it.

    Multimine (Thrown): Found on the guard that is either on the water bridge, or around the corner after it.

    Plasma Rifle (Heavy): Found at very end of level on any of the Phantoms.

Outpost: Rescue

    FAC-16 (Assault): Found in one of the weapon cases after you rescue Jonathan.

    Flash Bang (Thrown): Found on one of the guards in the room before you go through the double keypadded door.

Bridge: Assault

    Shockwave (Heavy): Found on the fallen Carrington sniper once you go to aide Jonathan's team.

    Super Dragon (Assault): You may have found this gun before. Found on some of the guards on the bridge.

Hidden rat locations

Note: The hidden rats are usually found in shadows or in spots where it would be tortured.

    Datacore: Demolition: When you blow up the CPU with your Cam-Spy you will go down a hallway, and go to the left where you will enter the room with the scientist. You must free him from the Spider Bots so that he can open the door. When you enter the room, go to the back wall, up against the railing. Follow the railing toward the scientist. You should see a part of the floor made of see through glass. There are two places in the room with the glass floor; make sure your looking into the one nearest to the door. Look down and through the glass. You should see the rat on the right side; it should be easy to find because it has bubbles coming off of it.

    Nightclub: Stakeout: After you kill the first two guards, go to the main staircase. The rat will be lying at the bottom of the fountain. You can also shoot it.

    Subway: Retrieval: Unknown

    Rooftops: Escape: After you get to the ammo bow with a DW-P5 inside of it opened, the rat will be directly behind it in the shadows.

    Mansion: Infiltration: The rat is found at the left snow mound at the end of the level near the pond and arena entrance. Its head is buried in the snow.

    Laboratory: Rescue: The rat is on a testing machine directly next to the silver keycard.

    River: Extraction: Unknown

    Trinity: Infiltration: Note: A sniper rifle is recommended. After you defeat the brothers, turn around and go to the left staircase. When you are down there, zoom into the water and look for a submarine. Once you find it, look on the top, near the entrance hatch. Look to the left and the rat should be there. A second rat is on the launch pad. It is smoking.

    Trinity: Escape: Unknown

    Jungle: Storm: Unknown

    Temple: Surveillance: The first rat is impaled into one of the spikes in the first trap. There second rat in the room with the flame throwing dragon heads. Look down to the left and you should see it on fire.

    Outpost: Rescue: The rat is hidden behind the first staircase you go down at the beginning of the level. It is hidden behind a box.

    Arena: Showdown: Unknown

Easy kills with mines

In Multiplayer mode, go to a room where you can get mines. Then, toss two mines in each doorway to get an easy enemy kill when they walk in. If there is an enemy teammate behind the first, the fire from the mine will cause damage to them as well. You will then need to use your guns to finish them off. If you are playing the "Urban" level, the mines are located by the garage and the third floor of the hotel. Since there are no doorways, toss the mines on the stairs or anywhere the enemy can walk up to your vicinity.

See more in Cover mode

While in Cover mode and standing, move the crosshairs up to the very top then over towards you. You will be able to see more of what is on the other side of the cover that you could not see before.

X-ray goggles and Hawk in Mission 7

At the beginning of Mission 7, before or after you kill the two brothers, there are four lockers on the right wall of the side of the bridge that you start at. If you are looking directly across the bridge and turn 90 degrees, you will see four lockers on the wall. In one of them is a pair of X-ray goggles. If you look around in the wooden crates on the side that you started on, there should be a new weapon called the Hawk. It is a disk that you can throw and slice people with.

Secret passage in Mission 7

Before Mission 7, select the demolition kit from the weapons menu. During the mission, after you kill the two brothers go across the bridge towards the rocket. When you get to the rocket, go left and down that road. When you get to the end of the road, there should be two doors (one on the left and another on the right). If you try to open them, they will say "secured". If you go on to a ramp that is on the right side of the left door, there will be a crack in the wall. Use the demolition kit to blow up the crack to get into the door.

X-ray goggles in Mission 10

Get to the second level of the stage. Once you enter the corridor that has the two traps, instead of continuing past the traps, turn around and enter the door behind you. Inside there should be two guards. On a crate near one of the guards will be the X-ray goggles.

Sniping location in Mission 12

Note: This trick requires a Locktopus. To the right of the bridge are stairs. Go up until you reach the top, then go up to the ladder and pick the lock. This will give you a great sniping location, and you can bypass the enemies.

Dodging the final Boss' moves in Mission 13

When the final Boss shoots plasma balls at you, just move out of the way. When he teleports onto your platform and starts running at you with the sword, just dive roll out of the way immediately before he swings the sword. This will save you from taking a lot of damage.

Defeating the final Boss in Mission 13

When the final Boss jumps to the platform you are standing on, he will lunge at you with his sword. Right before he swings it, dive out of the way. If done correctly, he will trip and fall. Quickly grab his sword from the ground next to him before he gets up and start attacking him with it. Note: The sword can be used to hit three consecutive times by quickly pressing RT(3). If he manages to get away, he will summon his sword back to him. After this happens, just wait for him to jump back onto your platform and repeat the process.

In the Mansion Infiltration mission, there is a room you must go through that is full of guard wires. In the middle of the room is a sword. If you take the sword and keep it for the rest of the mission, you will be able to bring it to any of the other missions. In the last mission, bring it with you. Press LB to dodge the final Boss' attack and let him fall over. Before he gets up rapidly press RT. This will only need to be done once or twice. Take your time shooting him. Concentrate on dodging while he is shooting energy balls or throwing pillars at you. Bring a weapon with a silencer so that you can shoot him while he is trying to heal himself with people so he will drop them. Silenced weapons have the best aim -- you will only need to shoot once.

Easy sniper kills in Multiplayer Desert

Go to the front of the base, then go to the left and go up the stairs. Turn left again and take another set of stairs. You will walk through a small maze of walls, but will reach the same point. When you are outside, go next to the tires. Make sure you have a Jakal, as other guns are not as precise. Aim at the main road and wait for an enemy. Most people do not know that a sniper will be looking for them and you can easily take them out with head shots. This spot is also good because on your left from the road, you have a view of another main road used in the level. If you are playing against more than six players, it is recommended that you do not use this spot; snipers from the other side will be posted and you can get killed from behind if your base is overrun.

Block enemy base in Desert 3 and 4

While playing Capture The Flag from the perspective of the team starting at Lion Temple Ruins, it is possible to position a hovercraft such that it barricades the main entrance to the enemy base at Sanctuary Caves, preventing the opposing team from vacating through this passageway. Enemies within this area are likely to open fire in an attempt to destroy the hovercraft. Make sure to get out before it explodes. While they are preoccupied repairing the hovercraft, provided that it remains in place, this will afford your team a useful amount of time to grab the flag and make a successful getaway. This tactic is most effective when your team has gained control of each teleporter, forcing the opposing team to respawn within their base.

See through wall in Desert

In the Desert Multiplayer map, there is an area where you can take cover and see through the wall. In order to do this, you must have Bases 2 and 4 open. Go into the cave temple base, then go through the hall, and up the sand hill, not the stairs. Go in the little courtyard from either entrance then turn left. There should be a bowl near the wall. Stand as close to the wall and as far in as you can into the wedge created. While standing, go into cover. If done correctly, you should be able to see through the wall. This is most effective during the Infection game type with the Plasma Rifle. Hide there and whenever you see a skeleton, use the secondary function (invisibility). They will usually walk out because it is very difficult to see you.

Dummy flag

While playing capture the flag, have one player get the flag and bring it back to his base to score. Before he scores, have the party leader go to the enemy base and stand on the enemy flag holder (the colored circle under where the flag starts). Stand over it in a position so that he can see the color on every part inside of the circle. Once he is positioned, score the flag and stay there. Every time you score it should say "Enemy flag returned" at the bottom, then the flag will come back out as though you dropped it before you made it to the scoring spot. If you stand there, the flag will score very quickly, but you will not be able to tell until the round is over and it shows the scores. If the player on the enemy flag holder dies or moves too far away for any reason, the flag will come back to the enemy base.

Hawk's barrier

Have a Hawk and one of the two vehicles. Throw the Hawk and get on the vehicle. While driving around, hold RB to activate the secondary function of the Hawk. Usually the Hawk's secondary function will protect you from explosions and have a white lined barrier appear around you. However this glitch will only provide the visual effect and will not protect you. This does not work on the gunner position of the hovercraft.


Get in a hovercraft and have another player shoot you in the head and kill you. Then, have them quickly enter then exit the hovercraft. Do not press a button to respawn until they are out of the hovercraft. When you respawn, you will be able to walk on air, including walking above the desert wall. To get down, you have two options. Either walk into a wall and press A, or have someone shoot you in the head and kill you if you are to high to reach a wall. You can keep stair stepping up the mountains to get even higher.

GoldenEye 007 reference

The Temple level has a similar design to the final level in Rare's GoldenEye 007 on the Nintendo 64.

Other Rare game references

When you are creating a deathmatch game with bots, look at the names of some of the bots. There are references to other Rare games. For example, "BOT-GRUNTILDA" is the witch from Banjo-Kazooie.


Accomplish one of the following tasks to get 20 Gamerscore points (1,000 total possible points):

    Successfully complete a Co-Op mission on the Dark Agent difficulty setting.
    Successfully complete a Solo mission on the Dark Agent difficulty setting.
    Get 10 kills using explosives in any Multiplayer mode.
    Capture 10 flags in Capture The Flag mode.
    Get 10 headshot kills in any Multiplayer mode.
    Get 10 kills in Killcount mode.
    Get 10 kills in Team Killcount mode.
    Get 10 Melee kills in any Multiplayer mode.
    Survive 10 minutes in Onlsaught mode.
    Infect 10 players in Infection mode.
    Survive 10 rounds of Eradication mode.
    Get 10 sniper kills in any Multiplayer mode.
    Score 10 points in Territory Gain mode.
    Destroy 10K CR of property in Sabotage mode.
    Get 100 kills using explosives in any Multiplayer mode.
    Capture 100 flags in Capture The Flag mode.
    Get 100 headshot kills in any Multiplayer mode.
    Get 100 kills in Killcount mode.
    Get 100 kills in Team Killcount mode.
    Get 100 melee kills in any Multiplayer mode.
    Survive for 100 minutes in Onslaught mode.
    Infect 100 players in Infection mode.
    Survive 100 rounds of Eradication mode.
    Get 100 sniper kills in any Multiplayer mode.
    Score 100 points in Territorial Gains mode.
    Destroy 100K CR of property in Sabotage mode.
    Get 1,000 explosive kills in any Multiplayer mode.
    Get 1,000 headshot kills in any Multiplayer mode.
    Get 1,000 kills in Killcount mode.
    Get 1,000 kills in Team Killcount mode.
    Get 1,000 melee kills in any Multiplayer mode.
    Infect 1,000 players in Infection mode.
    Survive 1,000 rounds of Eradication mode.
    Get 1,000 sniper kills in any Multiplayer mode.
    Successfully complete five Co-Op missions on the Dark Agent difficulty setting.
    Successfully complete five Solo missions on the Dark Agent difficulty setting.
    Successfully complete Co-Op on the Agent difficulty setting.
    Successfully complete Co-Op on Secret Agent difficulty setting.
    Successfully complete Single Player on Agent difficulty setting.
    Successfully complete Single Player on the Dark Agent difficulty setting.
    Successfully complete Single Player on Perfect Agent difficulty setting.
    Successfully complete Single Player on Secret Agent difficulty setting.
    Successfully complete Co-Op on the Dark Agent difficulty setting.
    Successfully complete Co-Op on Perfect Agent difficulty setting.
    Play 10 Dark-Ops games.
    Play 10 Deathmatch games.
    Play 100 Dark-Ops games.
    Play 100 Deathmatch games.
    Play 1,000 Dark-Ops games.
    Play 1,000 Deathmatch games.
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