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Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    The Lost Temple (20 points): Found the first epic treasure: Excalibur!
    Spelunkers (20 points): Found the second epic treasure: Two-Headed T-Rex Skull!
    Out of the Blue (20 points): Found the third epic treasure: Sea King's Golden Trident
    Self-destruct engaged (10 points): Destroyed Dr Doofenshmirtz’s Attract-Cool-Stuff-Inator.
    Something cool (10 points): Found your first treasure chest.
    Filling it up (15 points): Found 20 treasures of any kind.
    Halfway cool (25 points): Found 40 treasures of any kind.
    Museum of cool (50 points): Found every treasure. Way cool!
    Giant Floating Baby Head (20 points): Found the Giant Floating Baby Head treasure.
    Loose Tooth (20 points): Found Nosey's baby tooth.
    Plateful of Ducky Momo (20 points): Found the rare Ducky Momo collectible plate.
    All hail the Mars Queen! (20 points): Found the Mars Queen Crown.
    What's that in the sky? (20 points): Found the Marvelous Super Agent P Comic.
    Go home, Gnome (10 points): Found your first Lawn Gnome.
    Gnome Liberator (50 points): Found all the Lawn Gnomes.
    Lookin' good (25 points): Upgraded the Museum to "Museum of Super Cool".
    Lookin' great (50 points): Upgraded the Museum to "Museum of Ultra Cool".
    Lookin' amazing (75 points): Upgraded the Museum to "Coolest Museum Ever".
    Whatcha doin'? (30 points): Completed all of Isabella's requests.
    Grade A+++ (30 points): Helped Baljeet get the A+++ grade.
    Race around the world (75 points): Completed all of Buford's challenges.
    Color me polka dot pink (25 points): Equipped the polka dot pink color.
    Fast Food (25 points): Equipped the Pizza Wheel.
    Sounds Cool! (25 points): Equipped the Bouncy Sound Module.
    Fashion Aficionado (50 points): Equipped every customization piece.
    Upgrade Complete! (60 points): Fully upgraded the All-Terrain Transformatron.
    Complete 101% (100 points): Completed the game at 101%.

Additionally, there are two secret achievements:

    Boys on the Moon (50 points): Found the fourth epic treasure: Mystic Monolith!
    Self-destruct engaged, again (50 points): Self-destruct engaged, once again.
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