Rapala Pro Bass Fishing 2010

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Rookie Angler (5 points): Enter a Tournament mode event.
    First Catch (5 points): Catch 1 fish of any species.
    Something's Fishy (10 points): Find and cast into a fishing spot on any lake.
    Lightning Catch (10 points): Be the first competitor to catch a fish in a Tournament mode event.
    First Steps (5 points): Finish a Tournament mode event.
    Perfect Form (5 points): Perform a perfect cast.
    Perfect Hook (5 points): Get a fish on your line with a perfect hook.
    Flying Fish (10 points): Catch a fish of any species by flipping it into your boat.
    Confident? (15 points): Weigh in early during a Tournament mode event.
    Challenger (5 points): Complete any Challenge in Free Fishing mode.
    The One That Got Away (5 points): Lose a fish.
    Isn't She Cute! (10 points): Raise a lure's attractiveness to its maximum level during a retrieve.
    Original Feeling (10 points): Catch a fish with the Rapala® Original Floater® lure.
    So Close, Yet So Far (10 points): Finish a Tournament mode event in 2nd or 3rd place.
    Is That Who I Think It is? (10 points): In Tournament Mode, begin fishing alongside each competitor on the lake while they are fishing.
    Multitasking (15 points): Finish a Secondary Objective in a Tournament mode event.
    The Big One (25 points): Catch a record fish of any species.
    The 10th Grade (10 points): Catch a total of 10 fish.
    Victory! (20 points): Finish in 1st place in any event in Tournament mode.
    Journeyman (30 points): Drive your boat for more than 5 minutes during a Tournament mode event and finish in the top 5.
    Intermediate Angler (25 points): Complete a tier in the Rookie Season of Tournament mode.
    Driven (25 points): Complete all events in the first tier of any season in Tournament mode.
    Advanced Angler (30 points): Complete the Rookie Season in Tournament mode.
    Friendly Angler (10 points): Finish the Rookie Season in Tournament mode with less than 3 penalty points.
    Fish Lover (25 points): Catch 5 fish of different species during any Tournament mode event or in Free Fishing mode.
    I Do Attract! (30 points): Keep a lure's attractiveness level at 90% or higher for more than 30 seconds during a retrieve.
    Flap Jack (30 points): Perform the Boat Flipping maneuver 20 times.
    It's a Monster! (30 points): Catch a Monster Fish of any species.
    False Hope (30 points): Catch 5 fish during any tournament event Weigh In interval of time.
    Quick Catch (30 points): Catch a fish of any species in under 1 minute from the start of any event in Tournament mode.
    Cast Master (30 points): Cast 500 times.
    Location Scout (10 points): Find and cast into 5 different fishing spots in any event in Tournament mode.
    Top Challenger (30 points): Complete all the Challenges on any lake in Free Fishing mode.
    Need a Bigger Boat? (30 points): Catch 30 fish during any event in Tournament mode or during a single session in Free Fishing mode.
    The Captain (25 points): Accumulate 1 hour of boat driving in any game mode.
    Too Perfect! (30 points): Accumulate 30 perfect casts in any game mode.
    Hooking Perfection (30 points): Accumulate 30 perfect hooks in any game mode.
    Veteran Angler (20 points): Complete the Pro Season in Tournament mode.
    Good Sportsmanship (30 points): Complete all seasons in Tournament mode with 0 penalty points.
    Show Off (30 points): Win any event in Tournament without casting into a fishing spot.
    Bookworm (10 points): Enter into all categories in the Fish-O-Pedia.
    Elite Angler (30 points): Complete the Legendary Season in Tournament mode.
    True Legend (30 points): Catch all 30 Monster Fish.
    Seeing Spots (20 points): Cast into at least 60% of all discovered fishing spots across all the lakes in any game mode.
    Pro Bass Angler (20 points): Catch at least 50 fish of any of the Bass species in any game mode.
    Fashionista (10 points): Unlock every single clothing item for your male or female angler.
    Weather-Proof (30 points): Catch a fish in every one of these conditions: morning, noon, evening and sunny, overcast, rainy.
    Lure Master (30 points): Catch at least one fish, any fish, with every lure.
    Like a Sturgeon (20 points): Finish the Sturgeon Legends event in top 5 using only the 10 lbs. (4.5 Kg) fishing line.
    Master Challenger (50 points): Complete all Challenges on all lakes in single player Free Fishing mode.
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