Raving Rabbids: Alive And Kicking



Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Welcome to HQ (5 points): Launch the game for the first time.
    First Party (10 points): Start a game mode for several players.
    Big party (10 points): Start a game mode for 16 players.
    Minor squaddie (10 points): Get 1 star in a game.
    Sergeant Major (20 points): Get 3 stars in a game.
    Colonel Major (50 points): Get 1 star in all games.
    Major-General (100 points): Get 3 stars in all games.
    King of TP (20 points): Accumulate 20,000 TP DollarZ in your kitty.
    TP Emperor (50 points): Accumulate 50,000 TP DollarZ for your kitty.
    1 Kilo-rab-Bit (10 points): Hit, flatten or make 1,024 Rabbids explode in the various games.
    5 Kilo-rab-Bits (30 points): Hit, flatten or make 5,120 Rabbids explode in the various games.
    10 Kilo-rab-Bits (50 points): Hit, flatten or make 10,240 Rabbids explode in the various games.
    Marathon (30 points): Play for 2 hours, 3 minutes and 59 seconds in one session.
    Round the clock (30 points): Clock up 24 hours of total play time.
    Still at it? (30 points): Play 6 months after your first game.
    Insomniac (10 points): The name says it all.
    Social netnerd (20 points): Upload a photo to the Rabbids site.
    You're completely Uplay (10 points): Launch Uplay and sign up.
    Show-off (20 points): Do 100 headbutts in Rabbzilla.
    Ol�! (10 points): In Hot Dogs in Danger, let all the Rabbids through without leaving the play space.
    Udder slapper (15 points): In the Slapping Station game, slap 4 cows during a game.
    Ibiza (10 points): Make the Rabbids dance in Life's a Beach.
    Thank you, friend! (15 points): In the Rabbid-o-matic game, get the Rabbid to the end without it falling into a trap.
    Pump 'n' Pose (20 points): Do 200 successful poses in Pumped Up.
    Six machine (10 points): In the Big Brother game, play as a team of 6 players.
    Snotput slinger (10 points): During Snot Funny, steal the snot from the other player.
    Talk to the hand (10 points): In the Whack a Rabbid game, smash a Rabbid with your hand.
    Flaming friends (15 points): In the Flaming balls of fire game, earn 180 points during a rally against another player.
    Psycho (20 points): Successfully make 90 shapes in Silhou-wet.
    Slashed prices (15 points): In the Crazy Sales game, fire at all the special offer signs on the sides.
    Lumberjack (20 points): Saw through 90 blocks in Hacked Off!
    Cinderella (10 points): In the Sauce Wars game, mop up the floor with your hands.
    Showbiz star (10 points): Let all the spotlights hit you in Now You See Me...
    Copycow (20 points): Get 100 moves right in Udder Nonsense.
    Hop you can do it (20 points): Play an entire game of Tenderfoot Dance on just one foot.
    Super sushi (20 points): Jump 120 times in Salmon Rush Day.
    No mean feet! (10 points): In Rabbids-in-the-Hole, play using your feet.
    Rock Star (15 points): Finish Guitar Zero with 35 correctly played notes in a row.
    Super Suppository (10 points): In Inner Journey, maintain maximum speed for 20 seconds.
    They help you see in the dark (20 points): In Carrot Juice, drink 10 glasses in infinite mode.
    Jackpot (20 points): In The Kitty game mode, bank the highest possible amount.
    Harakiri (10 points): In Forfeits!, get 100% negative opinions for a forfeit.
    You should take a break (10 points): Chalk up 100 failures in the cartoon games.
    Break the piggy bank (10 points): Buy something in My Raving Rabbid.
    Spendthrift (50 points): Buy everything in My Raving Rabbid.
    Monkey! (10 points): In My Raving Rabbid, take a photo while doing a pose.
    Missing (10 points): In My Raving Rabbid, stay out of the sensor's line of sight for 30 seconds.
    Babysitter (30 points): In My Raving Rabbid, find 7 different ways to interact with the Rabbid without using an object.
    Pacifist (10 points): In My Raving Rabbid, don't hit the Rabbid for 2 minutes.
    Close-up (20 points): In My Raving Rabbid, take a photo of the Rabbid that crashes into your screen.
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