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Battle mode

Successfully complete the game on any difficulty setting with any ranking. Then, Battle mode will automatically be saved to the memory card and selectable at the main menu.

First person view option in Battle mode

Successfully complete the game on the easy or normal difficulty settings with any ranking to enable an option to play Battle mode in first person view.

Play as Steve Burnside in Battle mode

Get the Gold Lugers from the basement office during the second half of the game. The correct combination is red, green, blue, and brown. You can also unlock Steve Burnside by performing well with the original Chris in Battle mode.

Play as Albert Wesker in Battle mode

Perform well with Chris in Battle mode.

Play as alternate Claire in Battle mode

Perform well with the original Claire in Battle mode.

Linear launcher in Battle mode

Get an "A" ranking with Chris, Steve Burnside, Albert Wesker and both versions of Claire in Battle mode to unlock the linear launcher. It will appear in your inventory during the next Battle mode game.

Rocket launcher

Get an "A" ranking in the normal game by completing it without saving, no first aid sprays, and no retries. Additionally, save Steve from the Luger quickly, give the Medicine to Rodrigo, and complete the game with a time less than 4:30. The rocket launcher will appear in the first item box in the next new game.


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    The Terror Begins (50 points): Escape from the graveyard of terror.
    A Changed Father (50 points): Liberate the changed man.
    Beyond the Shades (50 points): Encounter a former S.T.A.R.S. captain.
    The Fallen Tyrant (100 points): Flatten an unstoppable enemy.
    The Prisoner Who Lost Everything (100 points): Defeat the nameless man and end his suffering.
    To The Frozen Land (50 points): Begin the search for your sister.
    The Arrogant Queen (150 points): Put an end to the Queen's reign.
    Duty and Humanity (50 points): Deliver some medicine to a man in need.
    Weapon Crazy (150 points): Get the Rocket Launcher.
    Battle Master (150 points): Get the Linear Launcher from Battle Game.
    From The Young Lady (50 points): Receive encouragement from a young lady.
    The Green Giant (50 points): Say farewell to your fallen comrade.
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