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Note: This game is also titled End Of Eternity.

Bonus costumes

During or after Chapter 7, select Leanne, and look at the wardrobe in her room. When she says "Hmm, I think that outfit is in here...", enter one of the following codes, then press A to advance to the next line of dialogue and unlock the corresponding costume:

    8-bit Girl: Press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right, Y, X.
    Club Famitsu: Press Y(2), Up(2), X(2), Left(2), LB, RB.
    Gemaga: Press RT, LT, LB, RB, Y(3), X(2), Up.
    Hirakou: Press X, Y, LB(2), RB(2), click Left Analog-stick(2), press Up, Down.
    Platform Logo: Press Left, Up, Right, Down, RB(2), LB(2), click Left Analog-stick.
    Politan Suit: Click Right Analog-stick(3), press Right, Left, Y, X, LT, RT, LB. Note: You must get the Reindeer Suit in Neverland first.

New Game +

Successfully complete the game. You can now start another playthrough with your saved game file. Additionally, in Chapter 2, you can enter ReanBell's (Leanne's) bedroom and press [Action] at her wardrobe to activate a secret button. It allows Reanbell to remain in her current costume instead of changing into the pig t-shirt in the cutscene.

Easy money

In Chapter 6 or later, the Combat Scope Betas cost 3,000 gold, one glass shard, and one scrap of iron to make. The wandering merchant sells glass shards for 200 gold and iron scraps for 150 gold. Combat Scope Betas sell for 4,100 gold. Thus, you will make a profit of 750 gold per scope. The best time to do this is chapter 6-7, before the merchant starts wandering she is always at the Waterless Bridge. In Chapter 8+, she can be at Forsaken, the Waterless Bridge, or the Righteous Tower. It is recommended to get into an enemy counter, run away, and check the location to see if she is there. Time phase changes also alter her position. Repeat this trick as many times as desired.

Achievements (North American version)

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    First Contact (10 points): This is just the beginning.
    Maiden Mission (10 points): This is what pays the bills.
    Bonus Hitter (15 points): You can land one more hit.
    Tri-Attacker (15 points): You'll need to cooperate as a team of three.
    Hundred Plus Club (15 points): This is the natural product of having weathered countless battles.
    Bullet Barrage (15 points): It's all about positioning.
    Resonance Miser (15 points): It'll take all three of you to tackle this challenge.
    Hero Actor (15 points): Spend enough time in combat, and you'll cross this threshold.
    Spite Monger (15 points): Perfect the timing for landing a bonus hit.
    Extreme Spiker (15 points): There are more ways to deal extra damage than just a bonus hit.
    Professional Hunter (15 points): Their lives have not been given up in vain.
    Material Collector (15 points): They sometimes yield useful parts and materials.
    Thousand Pitcher (15 points): Throw as hard as your little arms can stand.
    The Iron Fist (15 points): A true warrior doesn't fear getting up close and personal.
    Big Shot (15 points): You'll have to put mind, spirit, and body into it to hit this hard.
    Material Creator (15 points): Become a regular down at the local shop.
    Shopaholic (15 points): It's your money. Spend it how you like!
    Customaestro (15 points): Laying out parts can become quite a puzzle.
    Basel's Repairman (15 points): There's a lot of world left out there.
    Four-Terminal Chain (15 points): Connect terminal effects to make them even more effective.

Additionally, there are 28 secret achievements:

    Prologue Complete (10 points): You've completed the prologue.
    Chapter 1 Complete (10 points): You've completed the first chapter.
    Chapter 2 Complete (15 points): You've completed the second chapter.
    Chapter 3 Complete (15 points): You've completed the third chapter.
    Chapter 4 Complete (15 points): You've completed the fourth chapter.
    Chapter 5 Complete (15 points): You've completed the fifth chapter.
    Chapter 6 Complete (15 points): You've completed the sixth chapter.
    Chapter 7 Complete (15 points): You've completed the seventh chapter.
    Chapter 8 Complete (15 points): You've completed the eighth chapter.
    Chapter 9 Complete (15 points): You've completed the ninth chapter.
    Chapter 10 Complete (15 points): You've completed the tenth chapter.
    Chapter 11 Complete (15 points): You've completed the eleventh chapter.
    Chapter 12 Complete (15 points): You've completed the twelfth chapter.
    Chapter 13 Complete (15 points): You've completed the thirteenth chapter.
    Chapter 14 Complete (15 points): You've completed the fourteenth chapter.
    Chapter 15 Complete (15 points): You've completed the fifteenth chapter.
    Game Complete (15 points): You've beat the game! Congratulations!
    An Unfortunate Accident (15 points): A party member has been caught in an explosion and died.
    Union Assault (15 points): You've defeated two or more enemies in a single attack.
    A New Beginning (15 points): You've begun your second playthrough!
    Tera-Driver (30 points): You've loaded over a terabit of data from the disc.
    Disrespect Your Elders (30 points): You've defeated the Elderly Man. He's with the stars now!
    Basel's Liberator (30 points): You've made all of Basel's hexes accessible again. Are you even human?!
    Challenge Conqueror (30 points): You've defeated the top-ranked team, the Last Line! Amazing!
    Kings Of Neverland (30 points): You've cleared Neverland!
    The Legendary Hunter (90 points): You've completed every mission in the game! The legend will never die!
    Stardust Hunters (90 points): You've got a star in every rank!
    Lap Two Complete (90 points): You've finished your second playthrough! Congratulations, and thank you!

Achievements (Japanese version)

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Clear a Second Playthrough (90 points): Cleared a second playthrough! Congratulations! and... Thank you!!
    Clear Chapter 1 (10 points): Cleared Chapter 1.
    Clear Chapter 10 (15 points): Cleared Chapter 10.
    Clear Chapter 11 (15 points): Cleared Chapter 11.
    Clear Chapter 12 (15 points): Cleared Chapter 12.
    Clear Chapter 13 (15 points): Cleared Chapter 13.
    Clear Chapter 14 (15 points): Cleared Chapter 14.
    Clear Chapter 15 (15 points): Cleared Chapter 15.
    Clear Chapter 2 (15 points): Cleared Chapter 2.
    Clear Chapter 3 (15 points): Cleared Chapter 3.
    Clear Chapter 4 (15 points): Cleared Chapter 4.
    Clear Chapter 5 (15 points): Cleared Chapter 5.
    Clear Chapter 6 (15 points): Cleared Chapter 6.
    Clear Chapter 7 (15 points): Cleared Chapter 7.
    Clear Chapter 8 (15 points): Cleared Chapter 8.
    Clear Chapter 9 (15 points): Cleared Chapter 9.
    Clear Prologue (10 points): Cleared the prologue.
    Clear the Game (15 points): Cleared the game! Congratulations!
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