Borderlands 2: Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty Review
Xbox 360 | PS3 | PC
Borderlands 2: Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty Box Art
System: Xbox 360, PS3*, PC
Dev: Gearbox Software
Pub: 2K Games
Release: October 16, 2012
Players: 1-4
Screen Resolution: 480p-1080p Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Language, Sexual Themes, Use of Alcohol

Now, that's not to say it's completely perfect. I came across a few bugs during my time with the DLC. But then again, these weren't Skyrim-level bugs or anything. Once or twice I saw some glowy green walls appear around certain objects, and a couple times the enemy A.I. would just stand there and let me shoot at it. Also, trophy/achievement hunters might be disappointed that there are only three new ones to earn here. Considering how much content is here, such a small number of trophies/achievements seems like an odd choice.

Borderlands 2: Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty Screenshot

But seriously, with Scralett's ten or so hours of gameplay, these were my biggest gripes. You should probably just forgive Gearbox and throw your ten bucks at them.

I understand that the people who read reviews like this one tend to skip over a good portion of the text to simply check out the summary paragraph and the score. And while it makes me sad to see so much of my hard work skipped over without a thought, I don't blame you; you've got Borderlands to play. So for the jerks who simply want a concise breakdown of my opinion of this content, here it is:


Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty is simply an astounding piece of content that should be celebrated with excessive amounts of rum. At a measly ten bucks, I can't find a single legitimate excuse for any Borderlands fan to skip this. So pick it up, you landlubber, or I'll make you walk the plank.

Josh Wirtanen
Editor / News Director
Date: October 19, 2012

The cel-shaded graphics still look fantastic.
The controls haven't changed since Borderlands 2, only now there's 120% more sand skiff.
Music / Sound FX / Voice Acting
Same great wub wub, and new characters that are just as hilarious as the old ones.
Play Value
This is exactly what DLC should be.
Overall Rating - Must Buy
Not an average. See Rating legend below for a final score breakdown.
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Game Features:

  • Dynamic Co-op online, split-screen, and LAN: Share your adventures with friends both online and via LAN. Borderlands 2 features a seamless system enabling you to drop in and drop out of a campaign without ever having to restart the game.
  • World Connected Story: You will find yourself left for dead in the frozen tundra of Pandora as you begin your quest of revenge and redemption.
  • New Badass Gun System: An entirely new take on the groundbreaking procedural system means millions upon millions of possible weapons. The variety and style of guns in Borderlands 2 is staggering.
  • 87 Bazillion Everything: In addition to the new gun system, you will lust after procedurally generated shields, grenades, Alien Artifacts, class mods, and much, much more. And you thought the original Borderlands had a ton of loot!
  • Brand new environments on Pandora: Hunt through entirely brand new areas of Pandora that are more alive than ever!
  • New Classes: Choose from all new characters and classes including the Gunzerker, who can dual-wield any two weapons in the game.

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