What do you get when you take the immense and immersive free-roaming world of Grand Theft Auto, and fill it to the brim with the living dead? First of all you get a really happy Devin, but most importantly you get Dead Rising, the newest survival horror title from the genre's greatest developer, Capcom.

The most enticing feature of this game is the fact that anything can be used as a weapon. Yes, anything. After all, you are stuck in a mall. At your disposal will be items ranging from plants, to lawn mowers, to guns to cutting boards. Items used for melee attacks can be used to whack a zombie or be thrown. Each item will also decay, so the more you use it the more fragile it becomes. There is also a power melee attack, which will destroy anything in your path, as well as your weapon.

So, did I mention that anything can be used as a weapon? Good, because your enemies are tools at your mercy. As the quite ugly photojournalist, you'll also have a grab button. Grabbing enemies in different ways will trigger different actions. Grab an enemy face to face, and you'll pick up the zombie gorilla press style, just like the Ultimate Warrior, and then toss away. Grab an enemy from behind and you'll get a hold of the zombie's head, bashing it into the ground. Finally if you go up to a fallen zombie's feet and grab it, then you'll be able to spin the zombie around in a circular fashion. I think your imagination can figure out what to do with the zombie then.

The most impressive aspect of Dead Rising is the amount of zombies on screen at one time. The Xbox 360's Next-Gen power is put to the test, placing thousands of zombies on screen, all clamoring for human flesh. Your; human flesh.

Dead Rising is looking to be one of the most exciting titles coming out for the Xbox 360. Free roaming world, thousands of zombies and the fact that almost every item in game can be used as a weapon are all positive, key features. I'm dying to play this game, and you should be too.

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System: X360
Dev: Capcom
Pub: Capcom
Release: TBA 2006
Players: 1
Preview by Devin