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Machineguns replacing Lightsabers

by Matthew Walker

August 15, 2007 - A few months back, we revealed a few tidbits about the upcoming LucasArts / Day 1 Studios game Fracture. Since E3, a few pieces of the story and shots of the game's graphics have started to impress us. Unfortunately, maybe not as much as we would like to have, but then again the release of the game is still quite a ways off. You can bet, as we get closer we will have loads of more info for us to drool over. After all, when LucasArts is involved you can almost bet it will be an entertaining title.

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The first thing revealed about the game was some of the details of the story. The new cinematics show us the beginning of the war between the engineers of Pacifica and the cybernetic Atlantic Alliance. It looks like Al Gore was right as Global Warming has ravaged the Earth and left the world's geographical plains in total distress. To try to fix the problem, humanity created a tectonic device that would allow people to change the Earth with their own ideas in mind. Naturally, as it is with most everything, the device created in order to save the world and humanity is now used in combat.


Aside from this new terraforming weapon of war, a few scientists from Harvard and MIT begin work on perfecting the human race through cybernetics. This new project is being called HUMANITY 2.0. Shortly after the introduction of this new way of life, it collapses, falling victim to horrible mutations and diseases. The research soon becomes outlawed in the Eastern states, and the scientists involved in the program flee to the Western states to continue their research. After allying with Asian nations that support the continued research into the genetic fields, a split between the nations occurs and thus form the Pacifican Empire. The Eastern states, after abandoning all genetic research, begin building armies focusing on the cybernetic sides of human evolution. They become the Atlantic Alliance after allying themselves with several European countries.

Fracture screenshot

The year players begin experiencing the new way to go to war will be 2161. As a soldier in the Atlantic Alliance charged with missions to bring the Pacifican Empire to its knees, each player will have to use their personal tectonic weapons to turn the tides of the battle, though they will have to be careful not to turn the tides in the favor of their enemies. These strategic tactics of the game will become more apparent in the multiplayer of the game. However, this could also become an extremely difficult thing for the game, making the online multiplayer potentially become too convoluted with the new terra-formed landscape. This was apparent in a few of the videos I have seen for the game. While the graphics are looking much better now than in the previous images of the game, I do wonder how the explosive uses of the tectonic weapons will affect the graphic performance of the game. With game having almost a full year left before arriving on our consoles, I fully believe that any problems this may cause will be ironed out as much as possible.

While only a few brief bits of information have been revealed surrounding Fracture, it is enough to begin the rumblings of the anticipation. The story may be nothing entirely new as far as the basic plot of faction vs. faction, but the new potentials of combat are setting up this game to become the game to own next summer. We will have to wait until more information about the games arrives, but having the ability to control the shape of the world to increase my possibilities of winning the war will be an entertaining aspect I look forward to experiencing. Keep checking back to find out all of the latest information on Fracture as we get closer to the release date for the game.

Fracture screenshot

By Matthew Walker
CCC Freelance Writer


  • Innovative tectonic weaponry allows you to alter the landscape in real-time.
  • Reshape the land to create cover, make chasms, dig tunnels, and destroy obstacles. Use your weapons in new and original ways!
  • Incredible graphics show the terrain deformation in stunning, next-gen visuals.

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