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Halo, Hold the Master Chief
by Adam Brown

When Halo 3: Recon, ODST's original title, was announced it was thought of as little more than a short stand alone expansion to Halo 3 that would serve almost no other purpose than to tide fans over until the immanent 2010 release of Halo Reach. As such, many speculated that the price would be lower as a reflection of the included content, coming in around the forty dollar mark. After some extra development time, added content and polish, and a name change, Halo 3: ODST has finally hit the market at the full sixty dollar price tag associated with complete new games. Fortunately, the game is excellent and there is easily enough included in the package to make ODST well worth the asking price.

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I consider myself a fan of the Halo series but have never really found myself enthralled by the overarching storyline of Master Chief and his exploits. While there is no debate that Master Chief is one of the most beloved and recognizable characters in gaming, he's never been more than just a mute, physically gifted suit of armor that is fun to shoot aliens with to me. This is one of the major reasons that I've found myself loving the campaign in ODST so much. Instead of just another "Master Chief saves the universe" outing, ODST places characters in the shoes of a series of Orbital Drop Shock Troopers (ODSTs) trying to survive on the mean streets of the Covenant-controlled New Mombasa following the events of Halo 2.

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This decision is a great one as it allows for a far more down to earth, realistic-feeling experience than is found in previous entries in the series. ODSTs by nature are inferior to Master Chief in almost every respect. They can't dual wield weapons, jump as high, fall as far, run as fast, or take nearly as much punishment before croaking. While you might think that this type of frailty or loss of ability would hinder the gameplay experience, the opposite is true. Instead of feeling like a super-soldier easily capable of dispatching anything that comes your way, any firefight could honestly be your last. This makes for a much more interesting outing that forces you to plan out your actions rather than just running and gunning through the entirety of the campaign.

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The campaign itself is broken into two distinct portions. Following your squad's crash landing in New Mombasa, the team has been scattered and the Rookie has been knocked unconscious. Waking up six hours after the crash, the Rookie finds himself seemingly left behind by his squad and must search for them in order to have any chance of making out alive. When playing as the Rookie, you'll be roaming the city's open streets at night looking for any clues as to your team's current whereabouts.

This portion of the game is different than anything found in previous Halo titles. The entire city of New Mombasa is open to the player and can be traversed in any way you see fit. Sure, the game will give you a radar blip to go towards in order to find your next objective, but you can just as easily explore the city in order to find weapon caches or Bioshock-esque sound files that tell Sadie's Story which is set during the Covenant invasion. Feeling more like an old detective story than an action FPS storyline in these segments, the story in ODST comes off as rather unique and interesting.

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However, once you come upon any relevant clues, the game will pull you into a flashback and put you in control of the ODST who left the clue behind. Not only does this help the player gain insight into the various characters in the game, it also serves as a switch between the searching, detective portions of the game and the more straightforward, action-packed levels one would expect from a Halo title. There is plenty of classic Halo action to be found in these portions ranging from straight firefights to vehicle-based combat. The only major difference comes from the ODST's health gauges that use stamina rather than an overshield and require you to find health packs after receiving too much damage once your stamina has run out.

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