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Now everyone can go off-road!

by Amanda L. Kondolojy

The MX vs. ATV series is known for its rather simplistic approach to MX and ATV racing. For many years this has been the series' charm. The MX vs. ATV series featured a very accessible arcade style of control that allowed almost anyone to become an off-road champion. This simplistic control scheme also allowed for some pretty outrageous stunts and moves that would probably be fatal if attempted on a real motocross vehicle. The newest entry in the series, MX vs. ATV: Untamed, furthers this trend of simplistic and accessible racing, and will largely delight fans of motocross racing. However, fans of the series may perceive that this game treads territory that has largely been explored (mainly in previous MX vs. ATV games) before.

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Of course, MX vs. ATV: Untamed is not a bad game. On the contrary, it has several good points. The gameplay in MX vs. ATV: Untamed has been expanded and now includes several free-play and tournament modes, as well as all-new tracks, race modes, and mini-games. So there's definitely a lot here for newcomers as well as veterans to enjoy.

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Controls are what you might expect from an automotive-based title. The right trigger is used to accelerate, and the left stick is used to steer. The face buttons are mainly used for tricks and stunts, and the brake is tied to the left trigger. Pretty standard and easy to pick up controls seem to be the hallmark of this series, and this newest entry doesn't deviate from the formula. The controls are also retain their tight but forgiving nature, and you'll be able to pull off some pretty fantastic (and unrealistic) moves, but the arcade nature of the game lends itself to this type of gameplay, so you can't really knock the idealistic nature of the game.

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The single player mode in MX vs. ATV Untamed is fairly expansive and includes quick play, custom, X-cross, and event modes. The quick play mode is largely what you would expect and allows players to randomly select a medium and a track and get started. However, because there are a lot of different ways to play, this mode might not be for beginners. I found the best place to start is the custom event mode, which helps you get a feel for all the bikes, ATVs, and trucks, as well as all the different tracks and event types. There are a total of nine different event types available in custom event mode: Free ride, national, supercross, freestyle, opencross, supermod, endurocross, waypoint, and minimod.

Free ride is the best mode for beginners and features one of the few modes of racing that does not focus on speed. Instead the goal is to explore the different tracks to find hidden sprockets. This gives those who are new to the genre, or could use a little dusting up, a chance to get used to the controls and get a feel for the different x-cross vehicles. The next mode is national mode, which challenges the driver to get the best speed. The national tracks are all set outdoors, and aren't necessarily difficult in a technical sense, as the emphasis here is on speed rather than substance. Another mode that beginners may enjoy is the minimoto mode which is essentially national mode but with MX minis instead of traditional x-cross vehicles. This mode is a little more novelty than substance, but it's great if you like the smaller vehicles or if you need a break from other modes.

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Supercross mode is for the X-cross pro and features very technically challenging tracks while maintaining the previous mode's emphasis on speed. Another mode that is focused toward the pro sect is freestyle mode. Freestyle mode challenges the driver to get flashy by performing various tricks while driving. Tricks can be performed by pressing special button combinations in conjunction with the L-stick. These tricks must be performed with great attention to track and timing, and you are given extra points when two or more tricks are combined. The hardest mode, however, for veterans of the MX vs. ATV series, or those who think they've mastered their skill, has to be the waypoint mode. In this mode, all the boundaries that were marked before are now unmarked. And while this doesn't sound like it would make gameplay all that difficult, it really does. Without marked boundaries, it is extremely easy to unknowingly jump onto parts of the course that are off limits. And every time you accidentally go off bounds, you're subject to a three-second countdown and being placed right where you went off course. Add these together with the fact that courses in this mode are already pretty challenging, and you've got a mode that is essentially pro-only!

Opencross is a little more forgiving as far as technicalities are concerned, but it ups the ante in regards to environmental hazards. Supermoto is the ultimate vs. x-cross mode because it features not only ATV and MX vehicles, but also buggies, trucks, minimods, and just about every other vehicle that you can imagine. Endurocross is a very interesting mode that is completely new for MX vs. ATV Untamed. It features some very challenging environmental hazards inside an arena setting. This mode has everything from rocks under water to piles of tires to get in your way. Endurocross has to be the most fun mode in the game, simply because of its fantastical obstacles. Everything gets in your way, and you'll probably never know true frustration until you get halfway up a tire mountain and then find out that you don't have enough acceleration to get the rest of the way up. But frustration in this game is a good thing because it gets you really immersed in both the game and the sport.

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