Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Technician Apprentice (5 points): Complete any level.
    Power Blitz (5 points): Obtain any weapon upgrade.
    Turbo Blitz (5 points): Obtain any movement upgrade.
    Technician (10 points): Earn 100,000,000 points.
    Beam Blitz (10 points): Earn the Point-to-point Beam upgrade.
    Technician First Class (15 points): Earn 250,000,000 points.
    Tractor Blitz (15 points): Earn the Tractor Beam upgrade.
    Master Technician (20 points): Earn 500,000,000 points.
    Victory Blitz (25 points): Fire the Space Cannon and kill the MegaNoed (Master Technician Difficulty).
    Upgradium Blitz (30 points): Collect all the Upgradium.
    Iron Blitz (20 points): Obtain both armor upgrades.
    Spartan Blitz (40 points): Beat the game without any upgrades (Master Technician Difficulty).
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