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Corey Feldman Interview

CelebrityGamerZ - Corey Feldman Interview


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Escaped Death (20 points): Complete "Killed by Death" on Expert without a band member failing.
    The Fifth Circle (20 points): 5-star "Red Devil" as a Vocalist in Solo Tour.
    Master of Master of the Universe (15 points): 5 star "Master of the Universe" with any instrument on Expert.
    Transmaniacon RB (20 points): Complete "Transmaniacon MC" as a full band, with all band members on Hard or Expert.
    Double Crossed (10 points): Play "Screaming for Vengeance" in a Score Duel.
    Closer Closer (30 points): Hit 100% as a Bassist on "Closer," up-strums only.
    In the Moment (30 points): Score 100% as a Vocalist playing "Forever".
    4s and 5s (10 points): Get 4 stars or better playing "3s and 7s" with a full band.
    Bow Down (25 points): Finish "Thrasher" as an Expert Drummer.
    Resign Your Souls to Metal (15 points): Complete Band Tour on Medium difficulty or greater.
    Trinity (25 points): Play "D.O.A.", "Laid to Rest," and "Hair of the Dog" in Solo Tour.
    Enter the Gates (30 points): 5-Star "Blinded by Fear" on any instrument... with your eyes closed.
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