Virtua Fighter 2

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Alternate main menu music

At the main menu, press LT or RT to cycle through the song that plays.


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Stage 1 Complete (20 points): Complete Stage 1 of Arcade Mode (any difficulty).
    Stage 2 Complete (20 points): Complete Stage 2 of Arcade Mode (any difficulty).
    Stage 3 Complete (20 points): Complete Stage 3 of Arcade Mode (any difficulty).
    Stage 5 Complete (20 points): Complete Stage 5 of Arcade Mode (any difficulty).
    Ring Out (40 points): Win a round by ring out in Arcade Mode (any difficulty).
    Excellent (40 points): Win a round without receiving any damage in Arcade Mode (any difficulty).
    Certifiable (40 points): Play Ranking Mode in Arcade Mode (hold down P+K+D+START during Attract Mode).
    Expert Mode (40 points): Enter ???????? at the character select screen in Arcade Mode.
    Dural (60 points): Use Dural in Arcade Mode or Offline Versus (in Ver.2.1 hold START when selecting a character).
    2.0 (20 points): Play Arcade Mode or Offline Versus in ver. 2.0.
    Sudden Death (60 points): Play the Sudden Death stage in Arcade Mode or Offline Versus.
    Class of '94 (20 points): Select game settings in Arcade Mode while holding the X button to enter Attract Mode.
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