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Play as Boris Becker

Successfully complete Singles in Arcade mode to unlock Boris Becker.

Play as Duke

Reach the number one rank in Professional mode to get invited to the King Of Players tournament. Win the tournament to play against Duke. Defeat Duke to unlock him.

Play as King

Reach the number one rank in Professional mode to get invited to the King Of Players tournament. Win the tournament twice to play against King. Defeat King to unlock him.

Play as Stefan Edberg

Successfully complete Doubles in Arcade mode to unlock Stefan Edberg.

Play as Tim Henman

Successfully complete all Tennis Academy Challenges on both the Beginner and Advanced difficulty to unlock Tim Henman.

World Tour training games

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding training game:

    Alien Attack: Successfully complete Meat Defender Level 4.
    Avalanche: Successfully complete Zoo Feeder Level 4.
    Count Mania: Successfully complete Avalanche Level 4.
    Court Curling: Successfully complete Pot Shot Level 4.
    Drum Topple: Successfully complete Alien Attack Level 4.
    Meat Defender: Successfully complete Pirate Wars Level 4.
    Pin Crusher: Successfully complete Court Curling Level 4.
    Pot Shot: Successfully complete Block Buster Level 4.
    Zoo Feeder: Successfully complete Shopping Dash Level 4.

Fancy costumes

Successfully complete all levels of the indicated mini-game in World Tour mode to unlock the corresponding costumes for purchase. They must be worn in order to enter the Fancy Dress-only tournament.

    Action Hero costume: Drum Topple (using a male player)
    Bowling costume: Pin Crusher
    Karate costume: Avalanche
    Mariachi costume: Blockbuster
    Mime costume: Count Mania (using a male player)
    Pajamas costume: Court Curling
    Pirate costume: Pirate Wars
    Sheriff costume: Pot Shot
    Skeleton costume: Meat Defender
    Superhero costume: Shopping Dash
    Zookeeper costume: Zoo Feeder

Concept rackets

Win the Davis and/or Fed Cups on the Professional difficulty the indicated number of times to unlock the corresponding concept racket:

    Emerald: Four times
    Fire: Two times
    Panther: Six times
    Rainbow: Three times
    Squished: Five times
    SuperDrive: One time


Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding medal:

    Academic Excellence: Successfully complete ten Academy exercises in gold.
    Ambassador: Win three Davis or Fed Cup matches.
    Artificial Court Legend: Win 100 Artificial court matches.
    Artificial Court Specialist: Win 20 Artificial court matches.
    Avid Shopper: Purchase 35 items from the Tennis Store.
    Big Spender: Purchase 50 items from the Tennis Store.
    Career Gamer: Successfully complete Level 8 on six different Training Games in World Tour.
    Career Trainer: Successfully complete Level 8 on a Training Game in World Tour.
    Chameleon: Win as all the different famous players.
    Clay Court Legend: Win 100 Clay court matches.
    Clay Court Specialist: Win 20 Clay court matches.
    Clean Sheet Expert: Win 100 Love Games.
    Clean Sheet Specialist: Win 25 Love Games.
    Compelling Company: Make friends with 15 players in World Tour.
    Dress Up Obsessive: Play 20 matches in Fancy Dress.
    Drop Shot Expert: Win 15 points with Drop shots.
    Drop Shot Master: Win 75 points with Drop shots.
    Early Training Days: Win three different training games in World Tour.
    Exhibitionist: Play 20 Exhibition matches in Play mode.
    Fancy Dresser: Play one match in Fancy Dress.
    Feared Opponent: Awarded for beating all the famous players.
    Friendly Nature: Make friends with five players in World Tour.
    Friendly Xbox Live Legend: Win 100 online Player Matches.
    Friendly Xbox Live Specialist: Win 10 online Player Matches.
    Grass Court Legend: Win 100 Grass court matches.
    Grass Court Specialist: Win 20 Grass court matches.
    Highly Versatile: Unlock 10 Advanced Playstyles.
    Later Training Days: Win eight different training games in World Tour.
    Lob Shot Expert: Win 50 points with Lob shots.
    Lob Shot Master: Win 75 points with Lob shots.
    Long Distance Runner: Run 10 kms / 6.2 miles.
    Marathon Runner: Run 50 kms / 31 miles.
    National Hero: Win the Davis or Fed Cup.
    Online Touring Expert: Win 30 Online Tour events.
    Online Touring Legend: Win 75 Online Tour events.
    Online Touring Specialist: Win five Online Tour events.
    Perfect Server: Win 50 points with an Ace.
    Right Of Way: Purchase five court passes from the Tennis Store.
    Slice Shot Expert: Win 100 points with Slice shots.
    Slice Shot Master: Win 500 points with Slice shots.
    Smash Master: Win 100 points with a Smash.
    Smash Specialist: Win 20 points with a Smash.
    Student Days: Successfully complete 20 Academy exercises.
    Stylish Player: Unlock 10 Playstyles.
    Top Spin Expert: Win 200 points with Top Spin shots.
    Top Spin Master: Win 750 points with Top Spin shots.
    Tournament Player: Play five tournaments in Play mode.
    Training Player: Play 20 Training Games in Play mode.
    Xbox Live Ranked Online Specialist: Win 10 Ranked matches.
    Xbox Live Ranked Online Legend: Win 100 Ranked matches.


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Fore! (10 points): Hit a line judge.
    One Small Step... (10 points): Win your first match in the World Tour.
    ...One Giant Leap! (15 points): Win your first tournament in the World Tour.
    Make Friends & Influence People (15 points): Make friends with 8 characters in World Tour.
    Quick and Easy (15 points): Play and complete 25 events in Play mode.
    Loving It (15 points): Achieve 25 Love Games.
    Breaking the Speed Limit (15 points): Hit a serve over 200kph/124.28miles.
    Big Hitter (15 points): Achieve 250 MAX Serves.
    Pushing it to the MAX! (15 points): Achieve 3 Consecutive MAX Serves in a match.
    Different Strokes (15 points): Win 400 stroke points.
    Volleyball (15 points): Win 300 volley points .
    Super, Smashing, Great! (15 points): Win 200 smash points.
    Aces High (15 points): Score 100 Aces.
    Over the Top (15 points): Win 50 lob shot points.
    Drop and give me 50! (15 points): Win 50 drop shot points.
    Your Country Needs You! (15 points): Be selected for the Davis Cup team or Fed cup in world tour.
    Practise Makes Perfect (15 points): Win 10 Practice Matches in world tour.
    Training to win (20 points): Clear a level 8 training game in the World Tour.
    Schools Out (20 points): Clear each academy mission in the World Tour.
    Shopaholic (20 points): Purchase 100 different items from the shop in world tour.
    Versatile Male (20 points): Win a match with all Male Pro Players on default settings.
    Versatile Female (20 points): Win a match with all Female Pro Players on default settings.
    Marathon Man (20 points): Run a total of 10km.
    Grass Stains (20 points): Play 100 matches on a Grass Court.
    Play with Clay (20 points): Play 100 matches on a Clay Court.
    Astro Carpet King (20 points): Play 100 matches on an Artificial Court.
    King for a Day (25 points): Unlock the secret player King.
    That Dukes a hazard! (25 points): Unlock secret player Duke.
    Gold Medallist (25 points): Unlock every gold medal in the game..
    Access all Areas (25 points): Purchase every Court Pass in World Tour.
    Style Guru (25 points): Unlock every basic play style in World Tour.
    Go Pro! (30 points): Turn professional in World Tour.
    Leader of the Pack (30 points): Number 1 Amateur in the world.
    National Treasure (30 points): Win the Davis or Fed Cup in World Tour.
    First Amongst Equals (40 points): Rank #1 in the world in World Tour.
    You are Gold! (30 points): Complete every academy mission with a gold medal in World Tour.
    Last Man Standing (20 points): Beat all default Male Pro Players.
    Last Woman Standing (20 points): Beat all Female Pro Players.
    Competitive Streak (20 points): Complete 10 ranked matches in world tour.
    Social Animal (20 points): Complete 10 player matches.

Additionally, there are ten secret achievements:

    To be this good takes AGES (10 points): Score an Ace with an Underhand Serve.
    Dr Doolittle (20 points): Feed all types of animal in a single game of Zoo Feeder.
    Cherry Picker (20 points): Collect 10 cherries in a single game of Avalanche.
    Block and Roll (20 points): Clear a 15 block combo in Blockbuster.
    Arrrrrrr! (20 points): Sink 3 galleons in a single game of Pirate Wars.
    Ham and Eggs (20 points): Bowl a Turkey on level 6 or above of Pin Crusher.
    Perfect Frame (20 points): Clear the table of balls in order without missing in pot shot.
    To Look this good takes SEGA (20 points): Play a game in the complete SEGA outfit.
    Them Bones (30 points): Play the Meat Defender training game wearing the full Skeleton costume.
    Coronation (30 points): Win King of Players tournament in World Tour.
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