Wallace And Gromit: Episode 2 - The Last Resort

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Ocean Notion (20 points): Complete Chapter 1.
    The Guest House Mutiny (20 points): Complete Chapter 2.
    Hounds of Horror (20 points): Complete Chapter 3.
    Down the Drain (20 points): Complete Chapter 4.
    Memory Lane (10 points): Find an object from a Wallace and Gromit movie.
    Meteorologist (15 points): Can the official forecast banish the bully from Felicity's doorstep?
    Mmm... Cheese! (15 points): Find this episode's "mystery cheese" in Chapter 2.
    Tea, Everyone? (15 points): Offer a cuppa to all your guests.
    Clueless (15 points): When asked Whodunnit for the first time, accuse the innocent .
    Doggie Fashionista (15 points): Try every accessory once.
    Caramelizer (15 points): Try to cook some sugar in Chapter 3.
    Oh I Say! (20 points): Hear Wallace say "I say!" in seven situations.
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